Hello again peoplez. I am back with another post. I know I said I would do it every two weeks, but I need to get a chance to getting used to bloggin’. I also said I was born on the 1st of april…well that was incorrect. I was supposed to write the 5th of april 1997. I am sorry for misguiding you.

What happened so far this week except for what I mentioned last time? Well since it’s now thursday I got a little more. For example I started watching Code Geass. So far the show kicks ass. I also watched some youtube vids. Nothing interesting really. The only remotely interesting thing is happening this saturday. And that is that I am going with about 47 more people to a fun place called Boda Borg. It is a place where you enter rooms that contain fun and challenging (but forgiving) challenges. It lies in Karlskoga, Sweden. I’ve been there two times before and had a hell of a good time. I will probably have it really good this time as well. I promise ya that.

I also went to school…it has been very dull honestly. But some of it have been decent enough. Like todays lunch. You could either get a sort of fish in a butterish-tasting sauce. Or you could get bellpeppers and beef in sauce. I chose both. One serving was the fish thingy and the second one it was the bellpeppers and beef.

And right now we are talking about different writing languages during class. It’s great…I think/hope.

Random Facts of this entry:

My favorite movie is the 1966 spaghetti-western “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

I listen to lots of kinds of music, but mainly 1980’s – 1990’s rock

I think the 2012 movie “The Avengers” is over-rated.

I love the Tv-show “Justified”.


I have nothing more at the moment. Peace out!


Holy Crap, a blog!

Hi guys, Markus here. Sooooo…I got this blog now because I don’t know. I just kinda felt like it. I’ll see how often I’ll be able to post here. But I’ll try to at least every two weeks. If I do it less than that, then I am sorry in advance. But I hope that you will enjoy looking at it.

Not much have happened this week. I mean, it’s monday. But I went to a lecture about the Holocaust and Courage and a bunch of fancy crap. I also finished the anime series “Cowboy Bebop” and “Mirai Nikki (The Future Diary)”.

Some random facts about me:

I was born on the 1st of april 1997.

I got a head that have endured a lot of blows to it and I am perfectly fine.

I watch too many movies and series for my own good.

Got a fairly big interest in music and can find out what beat a song goes in.

Got a soft spot for westerns.

Owner of a Greyhound (Dog, not the bus) named Zalmiak.

Lover of coffee.

Lover of books.

Lover of anime.


Don’t really know what the hell else to say. Sooooo…See ya!