It’s time to B-B-B-Blog

Hello. And yes, the title was a Yu-Gi-Oh reference. For your convenience I am not covering a lot of subjects today. Mostly because nothing interesting (for the most part) has happened yet.

I bought 2 new games. Halo 4 and DMC: Devil May Cry (Devil May Cry: Devil May Cry). Both are a lot of fun. The ending of Halo 4 gave me some mixed feelings. Not sure what to think of that. DMC you just play for the fun, not for a fucking amazing story.

I did 4 tests in one week (HOLY SHIT). Not sure if I nailed them or not. I hope I did.

This weekend me and one of my friends are gonna have game/movie night. It will be really fun (because we always have fun during these things. Last time we started The Darkness 2, this time we’ll finish it. HA.

Random facts time:

I am no big fan of horror movies. I don’t get scared by them, I just dislike them.

My idol is voice actor Quinton Flynn.

At the point of this entry, I have not watched “True Detective” and “Prison Break” (even though I should).

I love reading.


See you later.


Movie Review: Pacific Rim (2013)



We haven’t had a good Mech movie in a long time…at least not any that hasn’t been a Gundam/Evangelion spinoff. America hasn’t made a decent Giant Robot/Mech movie in a LONG time. And don’t bring “Real Steel” into this. Cause that doesn’t count as Giant Robot/Mech. So suddenly the spanish director Guillermo del Toro comes and brings us a movie featuring Giant Mechs. But did he make a good movie?

Let us take a look at the Mega-Nerd movie “Pacific Rim”.

In the ocean, a giant inter-dimensional rift has opened. And what comes out of it? Giant monsters who want to murder us all. They destroy cities and kill countless amounts of people. Mankind is tired of this and have come up with a way to take down the monsters known as “Kaiju (Japanese, Giant Monster)”. They made giant death machines called “Jaegers (German, Hunters)”. These Jaegers are giant mechs that can as far as I know, beat Kaiju ass. One day when Raleigh Becket (Charlie Hunnam) and his brother Yancy (Diego Klattenhoff) goes to kill a Kaiju, they get some problem with the battle. Yancy dies and Raleigh comes out of the badly damaged Gipsy Danger (Their Jaeger). Skip ahead a few years and Raleigh works at a construction area building a big wall to stop Kaijus (that eat Mechs and buildings for breakfast). One day at the construction site Raleigh gets visted by his old ally/boss Stacker Pentecost (Idris Elba) who gives him the offer to work driving Jaegers again. Raleigh takes the offer and starts working at the “Shatterdome”. At the area they have repaired Gipsy Danger again. There are also new Jaeger pilots as well. At this “Shatterdome” Raleigh meets the aspiring Jaeger pilot Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi) whom he kinda falls in love with. The plot in this movie is average. What I can say though that is kind of related to the plot is that this movie looks fucking fantastic. The effects are amazing for the type of movie it is. It is also well directed.

The characters are nothing to brag about. You got Raleigh who is the hero, the girl he falls in love with in the form of Mako, the commander-guy Stacker, the bully Chuck Hansen and the two scientists who can’t get along (Charlie Day and Burn Gorman).

The soundtrack of this movie is great. Kind of with the same reasons as why I really like the “Metal Gear Rising” soundtrack. It is a great mix of epic orchestra and rock/metal. The soundtrack here was composed by Ramin Djawadi who is kind of well known for his work on Prison Break and Game of Thrones. The other one doing a lot for the soundtrack is the famous and awesome guitarist Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine).

When this movie came out it got some mixed opinions up its ass. A lot of good, but also a lot of good ones. Most of the “good” ones were for the fucking A-grade effects. It for example was nominated for a BAFTA just for the effects.

This movie got a stort that has a lot of potential, but they didn’t utilize all of it when making this. I wish they would have done that though. Otherwise this movie is great. And as a nerd I am giving it extra cred simply for the fact that it is a movie about giant robots fighting giant monsters. And I love Burn Gorman, fun to see him in a major role again. And it might help that I love Guillermo del Toro. You know what would have made this the best thing ever? If the final Kaiju they would have fought would have been GODZILLA. I am giving this movie a personal 8,99/10. Go buy it. NOW.

This has been my stupid-ass review of “Pacific Rim”. I’ll see you later.


Movie Review: Unforgiven (1992)


I love westerns. And I love the 90’s. Combine them and you get…something. This time we are taking a look at Clint Eastwood’s return to westerns after an abscence from ’em for a little while.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Oscar winning movie…Unforgiven.

The story is about an ex-gunslinger/bandit by the name of William Munny (Clint Eastwood) who just wants to live a peaceful life with his kids at his pig farm. Several years prior to the current (current in the movie) time, his wife, Claudia died from cancer. He took it hard, not only were they married, she was also the one who got Will out of drinking and murdering. One day, a guy called “Schofield Kid” (Jaimz Woolwett) comes to get Will’s help with killing some people who got a bounty on their heads. Will says no at first but then agreed to it. He goes to his friend Ned Logan (Morgan Freeman) to get him along as well. Ned says yes and comes along. There is also in the town of Big Whiskey a corrupt and brutal Sheriff by the name of “Little” Bill Daggett (Gene Hackman, won an oscar for the role). Our heroes encounter this man later on the story, but I’m not gonna say anymore.

The characters in the movie are all very interesting. No one is bad, gets too little screen time or too much. They are all good. And like I said, Gene Hackman got an oscar for his role as “Little” Bill Daggett. All the actors are doing a great job in this movie.

The soundtrack for the movie is, excuse my use of words, fucking amazing. It is a great score by Lennie Niehaus. My favorite track is the one called “Claudia’s Theme” which is basically the main theme song of the movie.

The movie was very well received when it came out. By both critics and audience members alike. The inly ones complaining were as usual Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert. But Ebert later on put it on his “Great movies” list. This movie got nominated for numerous awards. But we are only gonna mention the Oscar’s it won.

Best Picture/Best Director – Clint Eastwood.

Best supporting actor – Gene Hackman.

Best film editing – Joel Cox.


This movie is honestly a fucking masterpiece. It was Eastwood’s departure from westerns and a damn good one at that. I am glad to have seen it and I am glad to give it the 9,9/10. This isn’t your typical spaghetti western, but it is still one of the greatest westerns, if not even movies ever.

This has been my stupid review of Unforgiven.

See ya!




Dogs, Scouts and Mechs – What the hell is going on?

Hi guys. It’s been practically two weeks since my last regular blog post. And I said I would make a new one every two weeks. So what’s been up since last time my friends?

Let’s start by mentioning that I uploaded a new video on my youtube channel where I talk about the stuff regarding it. It’s boring (Like all my videos) and I make an ass out of myself. Go watch it if you’re curious on what is up with it.

Recently we had a sort of…testing period for a dog. I know, it sounds weird, but listen. My parents had gotten the info that a person living in a fairly close proximity of us wanted to sort of get rid of her dog because she didn’t have the time for a dog that acts like a kid on coffee. So we kinda took that offer and had the dog on a “testing period”. Unfortunately we found out that my mom was allergic to that kind of fur on the evening of the second day. So on the third day we called the owner about it and she came and picked up the dog. The dog was a Leonberger named Fonzie, like the guy from “Happy Days”. Too bad, we all liked him otherwise. Oh well, C’est La Vie. We still have our other dog that we had since before. His name is Zalmiak and he is a Greyhound.

If you didn’t know, I am in the scouts. I am within a certain…division you could say. Basically called “Sober Scouts”. Sounds boring right? Well we do tons of cool stuff actually. Not the weekend that was the other day, but the week before that we went to “Boda Borg” which is an awesome place that you should visit if you’re ever in Sweden. I also made a sort of torch today from a tree branch, some string and a candlestick. We also make food sometimes. And play fun games. And scare girls from other sobriety organisations (Not gonna explain the last one, but it was awesome). We also mess around and are general goofballs. We are awesome!

You probably wonder why the word “Mechs” is in the title…Well that is because I started watching a Mech-anime; Code Geass. I put up a review of season 1 on the blog. There are not only mechs in the show, there is also a guy named “Lelouch” who can control peoples minds. There are also a shit-ton of characters with abnormal hair colors. My general opinion on the show is that it is fucking awesome. go watch it.

Anything else going on? Several tests next week. Son of a bitch!  Not fun, not good, it can go to hell. 

Random facts for this entry:

My favorite live-action TV-show is the 1999 action series “Angel”.

Favorite anime is Fullmetal Alchemist.

190 centimeters tall (Around 6’3” for you ‘muricans who won’t learn a good measuring system).

My back got badly hurt in 2010, had to skip school for the rest of the week. But it healed really well and didn’t get broken.

A grass snake slithered over my hand when I was 4. It was fucking terrifying (I suppose you can see why).

See ya!

Anime Review: Code Geass R1 (2006)


Sci-fi, Drama, Comedy, Action, Romance, Mecha…Fanservice. that is how you describe Code Geass in short. But short is not fun (Unless it’s making fun of Edward from FMA). The anime that we are looking at today is one that I’ve been thinking of watching for a while now and finally got around to watching two weeks ago. And finished after one week (Which is the fastest I’ve finished an anime I have never seen before, especially one that got more than 20 episodes). Fortunately we are only looking at the first season of this series.

Ladies and gentlemen, Code Geass: Lelouch of The Rebellion Season 1!

The story is set in the future (Insert obligatory Mystery science Theater 300o reference). The empire of Britannia has taken over Japan and forced it into submission, making the Japanese people pretty much slaves and re-naming Japan “Area 11”, making the Japanese people “11’s”. But the main story of the series is set a few years after Britannia took over Japan. Come to think of it, I think Japan got taken over in 2010. But as I said, the story is set in 2017. It follows 17-year old Lelouch Lamperouge (Formerly Lelouch vi Britannia as he used to be part of the royal family). When he was very young his mother got killed and his little sister, Nunnally lost both her ability to walk and eyesight. One day while going to school with his friend Rivalz, he sees some stuff going on in an old abandoned area. He enters a truck where he sees the character Kallen for the first time. He is then in an old empty building where he meets his old friend Suzaku after a very long time. Suzaku gets shot, and for some reason a mysterious green-haired girl gives him the power to control peoples minds by getting eye contact. And after that you will have to see, if I say more spoilers will happen.

The animation is something I can praise with all my heart. It was made by Studio Sunrise (Creators of such well animated shows like Cowboy Bebop and EVERY FUCKING GUNDAM SERIES). But the animation for Code Geass is really solid. It is probably Sunrise’s crown jewel in modern years with its interesting art style and shit.

The characters in this show are interesting to say the least. They are all very distinct and got great character development. The most interesting one has to be from Lelouch who is kind of like light from Death Note (Like A LOT). He starts like this innocent student who gets a power which helps him try to change the world. And then he (Both Lelouch and Light) turn into a big dick that is hard to like at times.

The soundtrack is something that I got mixed opinions on. While the tracks themselves are really good, they are used more than they should. This show got a lot of sundtrack repeats, and that gets annoying after a little while. I am also not the biggest fan of the shows second opening, it’s so underwhelming compared to the awesome that was the first. The dub however is something I have to say…IS FUCKING AMAZING. Johnny Yong Bosch, Yuri Lowenthal, Crispin Freeman, Karen Strassman, Liam O’Brien, Kirk Thronton, Steve Blum, Biran Peacock, Kate Higgins, Michelle Ruff…hell, the list goes on. This is a Fucking-A-Grade cast.

While the fanservice of the show bugs me slightly, it doesn’t distract from the things that matter…everything else. This show got a great story, interesting characters, balls-to-the-wall-awesome animation, great action, good music and one of the best dubs ever. I would reccommend buying it if it weren’t for one fact…it’s almost impossible to find a decently priced copy. If you do, please message me so I can tell you where to send it (Just kidding, kinda). But if you can, buy it…the show is THAT GOOD. I give it my personal 9,36/10.  I would give it 10/10 however if decent copies of it weren’t so balls-to-the-wall-expensive and there would be less focus on fanservice.

This has been my stupid review of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Season 1 (A mouthful isn’t it?).

See ya!

Anime review: Hellsing (2001)



You know how there is a common trend these days of some random author/movie maker creating a crappy romance story with a supernatural twist? Yeah, well I am sick of it! That is why I turned to the internetz to try to find some badass vampire thing. And thus I found a show with very mixed opinions…and that show is Hellsing, based on the manga with the same name by Kouta Hirano. But is it as bad or as good as some people say? Well here is my opinion on the original Hellsing anime from 2001.

The show is about a secret organization simply called; Hellsing. And that organization hunts down vampires. The ironic part is that their main vampire hunter…is a vampire…the lord of vampires in fact. Dracula, or as he is called in this; Alucard (Kouta Hirano, you sneaky bastard). And he hunts down vampires and shoots them with his over-sized pistol, “The Cassul”. One day while hunting down a vampire-priest in the english village of “Cheddar” he also happens to meet the young police officer (referenced in the series as “Police Girl”), Seras Victoria. She shoots Alucard who can regenerate faster (and more badass) than Wolverine. She runs off and gets captured by previously mentioned vampire-priest. Alucard finds them, insults the vampire-priest and proceeds to show he is one of the biggest badasses ever. He then proceeds to tell Police Girl (It’s easier to call her that) that she has the option to join him (because he knows she doesn’t wanna die that night and knows that the only way to kill the vampire-priest is to shoot him with his over-sized gun through Police Girl). She does so, Alucard shoots, Priest-boy dies and Alucard turns Police Girl into a vampire. And from that point on, the adventure that is Hellsing starts. 

As the series goes on, the show features a bunch of plot-holes big enough to fall through and stuff that doesn’t make sense. If you read the manga these days, you notice that there are a shit-ton of differences, but that is because when the anime came out there was only like 3 or 4 volumes and Gonzo (The animation studio) decided to make their own story. That is fine, but with the plot-holes it is weird to watch. But entertaining in its own right.

The animation is hard to explain because it kinda feels like it switches in quality throughout the series. Sometimes it’s pretty good and sometiems it looks fairly bad. And that is why not many people like Gonzo as much as they like studios like Madhouse (Who made the reboot OVA; Hellsing: Ultimate) or Sunrise (Cowboy Bebop, all Gundam Series). Gonzo doesn’t have the best reputation, but they are okay. 

The characters in this series are interesting. Too bad the most interesting aren’t getting the time that they could have used (Like giving a backstory to the character of Incognito…sorta spoilers btw). But one thing all the characters have…Fucking A-grade voice over. My award of awesomeness goes to the always amazing Crispin Freeman as the big guy himself, Alucard. A lot of credit as well goes to Steven Brand as the paladin of the vatican, Alexander Anderson. In general, all character have great voice acting, but those two are my personal favorites.

The soundtrack for Hellsing is in my opinion one of the best things ever. It’s a great mix of rock and generally tracks featuring a nice guitar tune. The soundtrack is also very easy to come by if you look around on the internet. I mean, it’s a lot easier to find than a decently priced copy of Code Geass season 1! My favorite track is honestly the main theme of the series, Logos Naki World (A World Without Logos). The composer, Yasushi Ishii is now one of my favorites.

If Gonzo would have waited a couple of years making the series, we would have had a good story with a kickass soundtrack. Fortunately Madhosue picked up the license in 2006 and made Hellsing: Ultimate, but the unfortunate part about that is the fact that it doesn’t the badass soundtrack like the 2001 series. But what we got was a little bit of a fucking mess that isn’t as successful as it’s OVA counterpart. But it’s entertaining in it’s own right. But I’m honestly gonna have to give this a 7/10 from a critical standpoint and it means it should be streamed if you insist to watch it. But from the moronic standpoint of myself I give it the 9/10 and that you should buy the DVD-set, it doesn’t have that big of a price tag…most of the time. 

This has been my bad review of Hellsing (2001). I hope you enjoyed reading and had some nice things to say about it and not just things that would make me sad. 

See ya!