Anime review: Hellsing (2001)



You know how there is a common trend these days of some random author/movie maker creating a crappy romance story with a supernatural twist? Yeah, well I am sick of it! That is why I turned to the internetz to try to find some badass vampire thing. And thus I found a show with very mixed opinions…and that show is Hellsing, based on the manga with the same name by Kouta Hirano. But is it as bad or as good as some people say? Well here is my opinion on the original Hellsing anime from 2001.

The show is about a secret organization simply called; Hellsing. And that organization hunts down vampires. The ironic part is that their main vampire hunter…is a vampire…the lord of vampires in fact. Dracula, or as he is called in this; Alucard (Kouta Hirano, you sneaky bastard). And he hunts down vampires and shoots them with his over-sized pistol, “The Cassul”. One day while hunting down a vampire-priest in the english village of “Cheddar” he also happens to meet the young police officer (referenced in the series as “Police Girl”), Seras Victoria. She shoots Alucard who can regenerate faster (and more badass) than Wolverine. She runs off and gets captured by previously mentioned vampire-priest. Alucard finds them, insults the vampire-priest and proceeds to show he is one of the biggest badasses ever. He then proceeds to tell Police Girl (It’s easier to call her that) that she has the option to join him (because he knows she doesn’t wanna die that night and knows that the only way to kill the vampire-priest is to shoot him with his over-sized gun through Police Girl). She does so, Alucard shoots, Priest-boy dies and Alucard turns Police Girl into a vampire. And from that point on, the adventure that is Hellsing starts. 

As the series goes on, the show features a bunch of plot-holes big enough to fall through and stuff that doesn’t make sense. If you read the manga these days, you notice that there are a shit-ton of differences, but that is because when the anime came out there was only like 3 or 4 volumes and Gonzo (The animation studio) decided to make their own story. That is fine, but with the plot-holes it is weird to watch. But entertaining in its own right.

The animation is hard to explain because it kinda feels like it switches in quality throughout the series. Sometimes it’s pretty good and sometiems it looks fairly bad. And that is why not many people like Gonzo as much as they like studios like Madhouse (Who made the reboot OVA; Hellsing: Ultimate) or Sunrise (Cowboy Bebop, all Gundam Series). Gonzo doesn’t have the best reputation, but they are okay. 

The characters in this series are interesting. Too bad the most interesting aren’t getting the time that they could have used (Like giving a backstory to the character of Incognito…sorta spoilers btw). But one thing all the characters have…Fucking A-grade voice over. My award of awesomeness goes to the always amazing Crispin Freeman as the big guy himself, Alucard. A lot of credit as well goes to Steven Brand as the paladin of the vatican, Alexander Anderson. In general, all character have great voice acting, but those two are my personal favorites.

The soundtrack for Hellsing is in my opinion one of the best things ever. It’s a great mix of rock and generally tracks featuring a nice guitar tune. The soundtrack is also very easy to come by if you look around on the internet. I mean, it’s a lot easier to find than a decently priced copy of Code Geass season 1! My favorite track is honestly the main theme of the series, Logos Naki World (A World Without Logos). The composer, Yasushi Ishii is now one of my favorites.

If Gonzo would have waited a couple of years making the series, we would have had a good story with a kickass soundtrack. Fortunately Madhosue picked up the license in 2006 and made Hellsing: Ultimate, but the unfortunate part about that is the fact that it doesn’t the badass soundtrack like the 2001 series. But what we got was a little bit of a fucking mess that isn’t as successful as it’s OVA counterpart. But it’s entertaining in it’s own right. But I’m honestly gonna have to give this a 7/10 from a critical standpoint and it means it should be streamed if you insist to watch it. But from the moronic standpoint of myself I give it the 9/10 and that you should buy the DVD-set, it doesn’t have that big of a price tag…most of the time. 

This has been my bad review of Hellsing (2001). I hope you enjoyed reading and had some nice things to say about it and not just things that would make me sad. 

See ya!


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