Dogs, Scouts and Mechs – What the hell is going on?

Hi guys. It’s been practically two weeks since my last regular blog post. And I said I would make a new one every two weeks. So what’s been up since last time my friends?

Let’s start by mentioning that I uploaded a new video on my youtube channel where I talk about the stuff regarding it. It’s boring (Like all my videos) and I make an ass out of myself. Go watch it if you’re curious on what is up with it.

Recently we had a sort of…testing period for a dog. I know, it sounds weird, but listen. My parents had gotten the info that a person living in a fairly close proximity of us wanted to sort of get rid of her dog because she didn’t have the time for a dog that acts like a kid on coffee. So we kinda took that offer and had the dog on a “testing period”. Unfortunately we found out that my mom was allergic to that kind of fur on the evening of the second day. So on the third day we called the owner about it and she came and picked up the dog. The dog was a Leonberger named Fonzie, like the guy from “Happy Days”. Too bad, we all liked him otherwise. Oh well, C’est La Vie. We still have our other dog that we had since before. His name is Zalmiak and he is a Greyhound.

If you didn’t know, I am in the scouts. I am within a certain…division you could say. Basically called “Sober Scouts”. Sounds boring right? Well we do tons of cool stuff actually. Not the weekend that was the other day, but the week before that we went to “Boda Borg” which is an awesome place that you should visit if you’re ever in Sweden. I also made a sort of torch today from a tree branch, some string and a candlestick. We also make food sometimes. And play fun games. And scare girls from other sobriety organisations (Not gonna explain the last one, but it was awesome). We also mess around and are general goofballs. We are awesome!

You probably wonder why the word “Mechs” is in the title…Well that is because I started watching a Mech-anime; Code Geass. I put up a review of season 1 on the blog. There are not only mechs in the show, there is also a guy named “Lelouch” who can control peoples minds. There are also a shit-ton of characters with abnormal hair colors. My general opinion on the show is that it is fucking awesome. go watch it.

Anything else going on? Several tests next week. Son of a bitch!  Not fun, not good, it can go to hell. 

Random facts for this entry:

My favorite live-action TV-show is the 1999 action series “Angel”.

Favorite anime is Fullmetal Alchemist.

190 centimeters tall (Around 6’3” for you ‘muricans who won’t learn a good measuring system).

My back got badly hurt in 2010, had to skip school for the rest of the week. But it healed really well and didn’t get broken.

A grass snake slithered over my hand when I was 4. It was fucking terrifying (I suppose you can see why).

See ya!

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