It’s time to B-B-B-Blog

Hello. And yes, the title was a Yu-Gi-Oh reference. For your convenience I am not covering a lot of subjects today. Mostly because nothing interesting (for the most part) has happened yet.

I bought 2 new games. Halo 4 and DMC: Devil May Cry (Devil May Cry: Devil May Cry). Both are a lot of fun. The ending of Halo 4 gave me some mixed feelings. Not sure what to think of that. DMC you just play for the fun, not for a fucking amazing story.

I did 4 tests in one week (HOLY SHIT). Not sure if I nailed them or not. I hope I did.

This weekend me and one of my friends are gonna have game/movie night. It will be really fun (because we always have fun during these things. Last time we started The Darkness 2, this time we’ll finish it. HA.

Random facts time:

I am no big fan of horror movies. I don’t get scared by them, I just dislike them.

My idol is voice actor Quinton Flynn.

At the point of this entry, I have not watched “True Detective” and “Prison Break” (even though I should).

I love reading.


See you later.


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