Anime Review: Samurai Champloo (2004)


I love Shinichiro Watanabe (Creator of Cowboy Bebop)…and I like Samurais. So combining them should be great right? Guess what? The combination happened. This anime is what you get when you combine Shinichiro Watanabe, historical fiction about Samurais and Studio Manglobe.

People…Samurai Champloo.

The story is set in Japans Edo period. There is a young waitress at a tea house named Fuu (Kari Wahlgren), and by young I mean 15 (She looks like she’s motherfucking 20). There are also these two Samurais named Mugen (Steve Blum) and Jin (Kirk thornton) who duke it out in the tea house. Prior to duking it out they had both caused trouble with people who got contacts in the government-thingy. They both get sentenced to death. But when they are about to be executed Fuu come and saves them. In exchange they have to promise to help her find the “Samurai Who Smells of Sunflowers”. And so they embark on an epic adventure where they meet a ton of people and trouble.

The animation in this show can be summed up in one word: Stylish! (Insert Devil May Cry reference here). Like I mentioned earlier, the animation is made by Studio Manglobe who later made the amazingly looking shows “Ergo Proxy” and “Deadman Wonderland”. But this show came before those and it looks great.

The characters are like in every Shinichiro Watanabe project, awesome-ly interesting. No one over-stays their welcome. And they are all good. I have nothing more to say on the matter.

The soundtrack is for the most part hip-hop music…and I actually kinda like it. I am not a hip-hop fan, but here it works. I have noticed that music is a big part of Watanabe’s shows and it shows itself here. The music is like I said overall pretty good.
And the dub…it is so good. Like Shinichiro Watanabe shows usually have. Steve Blum, Kari Wahlgren and Kirk Thornton are doing a great job as our main heroes. And every supporting VO/character are great as well. Good job Funimation!

So overall…A decent story, good characters, great animation, good music, great dub and it gains bonus points becuase of my love for Shinichiro Watanabe. The total score for Samurai Champloo will be 8,56 from me! So go buy it! It’s not even difficult to get your hands on. It is also decently priced everywhere you find it. I even bought it a lot cheaper than the original price (Mainly because I bought a used copy that was in good condition).

This has been my little review of Samurai Champloo.

Au revoir!

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