Movie Review: Mud (2012)



Matthew McConaughey…he’s just too cool. For a while he made a bunch of mediocre movies. But in the last couple of years he have done some great ones. Lincoln Lawyer, Wolf of Wall Street, Dallas Buyers Club…even Killer Joe. And this movie is an interesting example of a McConaughey movie that have gotten a lot of recognition lately. But what are my thoughts on it? Let us take a look at the strange movie…MUD.

The story is about two boys called Ellis (Tye Sheridan) and Neckbone (Jacob Lofland) who while on a trip out into the woods/swamp area, they find this mysterious man called Mud (Matthew McConaughey). This guy wants to be reunited with his true love Juniper (Reese Witherspoon). So these boys help him fix an old boat that Mud lives in so he and Juniper can get away from there. But hwat the boys at first don’t know is that Mud is a fugitive who had killed someone. But still, Ellis forms a sort of bond with Mud and they become good friends. The story I have to say is very different and pretty original. When I saw the movie it reminded me of movies like Stand by Me (1986) and Winter’s Bone (2010). A sort of “coming of age” story. I really digged the story.

When it comes to the characters…they are flawed, but interesting. They are interesting mainly by the great performances everybody gives. Even relative newcomer Tye Sheridan gives a really good performance. But when it comes to the acting/character, the show is stolen by motherfucking Matthew McConaughey as Mud. That guy does such a great job that he is Oscar worth in the movie. And ladies, he is shirtless in one scene…but you have to be able to stand some bad dentures.

The music in this movie is honestly fucking awesome. It is the kind of music you’d expect for this type of setting. The south. Like, swamps and remote towns and shit. Yeah, it’s so good.

This movie lloks really good, it is beautifully shot and edited.

Reception for Mud was excellent, a lot of people and critics really liked it. Even Roger Ebert liked it. But a few people called it a snooze fest. I see what they mean, but I don’t fucking care.

So this movie got A LOT going for it. A neat little coming of age story, great performances, amazing music, beautifully filmed. So I am going to give Mud my personal 8,99/10. So I reccomend you to go and buy this gem! You can get it off amazon for like 10 dollars.

This is my bad review of Mud.


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