Anime Review: Baccano! (2007)



You know, as a fan of gangster movies and anime. I was surprised there isn’t that many gangster animes. There is a subtotal of around…5 (I think, at least real GANGSTER/MAFIA ones). But this…this is the first one I heard of. So I decided to give it a chance. And I really gave it a chance without it taking like…2 months before I do it. So is Baccano! (unnecessary exclamation mark) any good? Let’s look.

The story is set in 1930’s ‘murica. It follows the “adventures” of like 10 different characters. And by adventures I mean their point of view during certain events that happen throughout the series. Most of the story is set on the train “The Flying Pussyfoot”, and no…I am not making that name up. There is not much more to say other than it contains immortals, mafia families, alchemists and thieves. If I say anything else I’ll go into spoilers. Oh wait, it is set during like the entire 30’s and a few more years/decades.

The characters in Baccano! are just so fleshed out and great that there is nothing to complain about. I’m gonna count up a few of them; Isaac Dian (J. Michael Tatum) who is the most lovable theif ever, his partner Miria (Caitlin Glass), Firo Prochainezo (Todd Haberkorn) the young immortal, Ladd Russo (Bryan Massey) the fucking psychopath, Ennis (Brina Palencia) who is Firo’s love interest and the assistant of alchemist/immortal Slizard Quates (R. Bruce Elliott). Those are just a few of the great characters of Baccano!

The animation is honestly Rock solid. The studio (Brain’s Base) had never really done anything really big up until then. And this show really is proof of their fantastic skills.

The music in Baccano! is…awesome. It is a great jazzy soundtrack that fits perfectly. There is no song on there that is bad per se. Especially the opening song (Gun’s n roses by Paradise Lunch) is a prime example of awesomeness. If you want an example of another great song on the soundtrack, I reccomend “Baccano no theme” (weird name). And of course the dub for this…is one of the greatest dubs ever. I am especially happy about it since the english with the Italian-American dialects are so well done and fits perfectly for it. I applaud you Funimation for it!

In a sort of overall look at Baccano! I will give it a score of 9,22. In other words, go buy the boxset now. The show is perfectly worth it. Everything is good in it. And the DVD set is not THAT expensive.

This show gets the “Markus Anime Seal of Approval of Doom”.

This was my review of the great show Baccano!


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