Movie Review: Shaun of The Dead (2004)


Zombie movies. They are very…well, interesting. Sometimes they can be awesome like the original 1978 “Dawn of The Dead”. Or they can be complete shit like the “Resident Evil” movies. But then there are those who seems weird, but turn out to be good. Like the 2004 “Dawn of The Dead” remake. Then there is this, a movie that mixes zombies with comedy…and it’s British (please don’t kill me, British people!). The combination seems like one of the strangest ever. But how is it then? Well, let us take a look at the these days very popular Edgar Wright zambie movie…”Shaun of The Dead”.

The story is set in a small-ish town in England where there lives this guy named Shaun (Simon Pegg). He works at a store. His favorite things in life is his girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield) and a bar called The Winchester (Named after a Winchester rifle that hangs in there). And his life is in general a big ol’ pain in the ass. His girlfriend is kind of bored at their relationship, he got some problems with his mom and stepdad and just got a boring life in general. But one day…his town (and apparently everywhere else in England) gets attacked by zombies. People getting up from their graves to eat the living. But it seems like Shaun doesn’t give two shits. It actually looks like he has no fucking idea that there are zombies there. He is just so depressed after his girlfriend dumps him that he doesn’t notice shit happening around him. It takes both him and his best friend Ed (Nick Frost) so much time to realize something is wrong with everything. And when they finally do realize what the hell is going on…Shaun comes up with a plan that spawned one of the greaest quotes ever. I’m not gonna spoil it…but you’l know what I mean when you see it. So the story is kind of…weird. But it is also one of the most amusing ones I have ever seen being unfolded in any movie ever. It is just so fun to see what the hell the stuff that Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have written together will be on screen. The comedy in this movie is perfectly written and really…British. But what should I expect from a movie written by two English people who does lots of comedy? Still, really good and quirky comedy!

So the characters are…very flawed. But that is what makes them so fun and entertaining to watch. They are all so vastly different in styles and personalities. For example, we have Shaun who is first bored with life, sometimes kind of impulsive but grows more and more. The character development in this movie is some of the finest in any movie I have ever seen. Every character evolves in a different way from the others, but that is a good thing. Imagine if everyone developed into pretty much the same character, that would have sucked some major ass. But here they all become so different and I fucking love that.

The music is good. It is mostly made from already existing songs. Not that having those songs was a bad choice, since those songs happen to be pretty good and fit very well into the situations where they are used. If I remember correctly, I think that there were a few tracks that were original/new, but they were not too memorable. One fun thing about the music is that it wasn’t just always edited in. A lot of times it happened to come from some kind of source like a car radio or a jukebox.

One thing this movie does is something you often see in Edgar Wright movies. They are filmed with tons of energy and often uses quick zooms (which looks awesome-balls!). Edgar Wright movies are usually filmed in a quick and awesome way that you rarely see in movies these days. And I love it.

Reception for Shaun of The Dead…there is no bad reception what-so-fucking-ever. It got a 91% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. It got a 76/100 on Metacritic. And it got a 3/4 stars by the one and only Mr. Roger Ebert. One thing that I have to mention is that the very famous horror/suspense author Stephen King thought the movie was great. Yeah…the author of “It” liked a Zom-Com. He thought it was worth a 10. Good guy Stephen.

So based on my many good opinions on this movie I will have to give thise movie the 9,5/10. This is probably one of the funniest movies ever without being a dumb-dumb comedy (American Pie, Dude Where’s My Car, Ace Ventura etc.). This movie is smart, fun, well acted and just in general fucking great. Go buy it. NOW, DAMN IT!

My review of this cult classic is now completed.

See you later, alligator.

2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Shaun of The Dead (2004)

  1. I love Simon Pegg in these roles, but I’m also thrilled to see him now in the MI and Star Trek franchises. He started out great and has still come a long way anyway.

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