Movie Review: Equilibrium (2002)


Action movies have gotten…not as fun these last couple of years. Sure, we have movies like “The Raid” and “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” that are actually quite good, but there are not many action movies these days with good action scenes. Most modern action scenes either cut every damn second so you barely see what the hell’s going on or the camera shakes too much so you don’t know what the hell’s going on. The 2000’s have not been the best for action, let alone sci-fi/action. Not even the “Matrix” sequels were good enough to change my judgement. So I decided to look for an action/sci-fi-action that might be good. Then I found this that had some fairly good reviews. But what do I think?

Human beings…Equilibrium.

In the future society have changed quite a bit. The world has become a Fascist society where feelings like happiness, sorrow, anger etc. Yup, not feelings at all. As well as all forms of art (Books, movies, paintings, snowglobes etc.). Wow, what a boring world. Basically everything is in one of three colors (Grey, white, black). But to take care of this “no feelings allowed” thing they have made a special medicine that makes you as neutral as you can. You take it a few times a day. But if you show feelings, you get sent to prison. Cease taking your medication and you will be killed. And for the killing there is a certain type of force to do it. The clerics. The story of the movie is mainly set on a cleric…no scratch that, THE CLERIC, John Preston (Christian Bale). After one of his normal jobs where he goes to a place, burns emotion-waking stuff, kills the “sense offenders” and goes away from there, he gets another assignment that happens to be a little more personal. His partner Partridge (Sean Bean) has been found reading an illegal book, and showing a little emotion. Preston shoots him. Then a little time later when he forgets to take his scheduled medication he starts experiencing emotion for the first time ever. Of course he has to hide this since A. He’s a Cleric and B. He would be killed. So on this “new twist on life” for him he ends up opposing the laws and ends up in more shit than most men could handle. So he ends up on a “journey” to overthrow the system. The story is surprisingly good, especially since a lot of times it looks like a fucking video game. It bugs me some times with some of it’s rules and norms, but still kind of holds up.

The characters…no. I do not like them. But that is only since the only one actually having some character development out of them is Preston. Everybody else stay the same fascist fuckers they were from the start. And the development Preston gets is good, but still not the most interesting. That aspect lowers the movie a bit.

The music in “Equilibrium” just proves that this movie still has some dignity (part from the story). It is good, but forgettable…you feel me? It is the type of music you’d expect from this type of movie, techno-y. With a few rock undertones. Good, but forgettable.

This movie is basically a living video game. It gives off the feeling that it wants to be a vdieo game, but it is stuck in a movie. And that feel weird to me. But one thing though is that it looks really good.

Reception for “Equilibrium” was very mixed to say the least. It got a 37% rating on Rotten Tomatoes which is not very good if you know math. Metacritic gave it a 33/100.
Strange thing is what Roger Ebert gave it, he gave it a 3/4 stars. His quote:

 “Equilibrium would be a mindless action picture, except that it has a mind. It doesn’t do a lot of deep thinking, but unlike many futuristic combos of sf and f/x, it does make a statement.”

It got a 7,7 on

So based on everything said I am going to give Equilibrium as a movie 7,67/10. But as something that you just want as entertainment this gets a 10/10, this movie is perfect popcorn material with it’s great action scenes and Christian Fuckin’ Bale being a badass. So that is my opinion.

Review of Equilibrium is now finished.




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