Anime Review: Psycho-Pass (2012)


Cyberpunk. Who doesn’t love that!? It is something different than most genres of media. It mixes sci-fi with…a bunch of things. Another good thing that is cyberpunk is the “Ghost in The Shell” franchise. As a fan of cyberpunk stuff and science fiction in general, I love myself a good sci-fi anime every now and then. And suddenly I found this…a sci-fi police show. But how did it hold up for this reviewer? Is it as good as “Ghost in The Shell”? Or is it as shit as “One Piece” (please don’t kill me One Piece fans!)?

Ladies and Gentlemen of varying ages…Psycho-Pass!

The story of our show is set in the 22nd century. People are judged by an odd computer system named “SYBIL”. The story mostly follows the new recruit for an elite police force, her name is Akane Tsunemori. This force looks up different tougher cases, these people don’t go for regular convenience store robberies.Oh no, the are like the “BAU” team from “Criminal Minds”…only more futuristic and not as much focusing on trying to get into to the heads of the criminals. The scanning of the brains is done through the “SYBIL” system. This elite force got special guns that are linked up to their brain and the “SYBIL” system at the same time. And were they to to point their gun at a person, they can scan that persons “Psycho-Pass” (Roll the credits!) and see how clouded their mind is. That clouding is shown by different colors. And I don’t mean that they just use the different colors of the fucking rainbow, oh no. This system is very specific. For example it is not just green, it can also be “swamp green”, “lime green”, etc. A very specific system. And if the person’s Psycho-Pass would be too clouded they would not only have permission to shoot since the basic mode of the gun is a paralyzer, if it is too clouded it will go into lethal mode that will fucking annihilate you. But this team is not just police officers, it is also based on latent criminals called “Enforcers”. And Akane gets interested in a specific Enforcer. The one named Shinya Kougami. The story of “Psycho-Pass” is very different from what you usually see in anime and is one that interests me…a lot. I like it, it’s compelling and fairly complex at some times. I love it.

Characters are flawed and just plain great. They are very varied and that is what really works out for them. I especially like the character of Kougami since he is a fairly complex character that can not only be a ruthless Enforcer but also lighthearted and kind at times. So yeah, I like them.

The soundtrack is one that I like, but it is forgettable. It is a mix of techno-based songs that is perfect for the sci-fi aspects. And at other points it uses some more rock based songs that work good for the action parts (and just works with me in general since I love rock music). The dub is good, well done Funimation. Not many names I recognize, but that does not matter since I like it. The original version is good as well.

Animation is made by Production IG who also happened to make everything “Ghost in The Shell” (hence why I have referred to that every now and then). So the animation for “Psycho-Pass” is fucking excellent. It’s smooth and just looks generally great. 

Got nothing special extra to say.

Reception was good. People liked it.

So based on my opinions I am willing to give “Psycho-Pass” a 9,12/10 and a reccomendation to buy it when it is fully available everywhere. 

Another Anime Review for once…wow.

Bye now!

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