Movie Review: Silver Linings Playbook (2012)


If you follow my blog, you know I very rarely review movies that have a more “normal” setting. I usually do action/sci-fi/western/etc. movies. Not that I have anything against there “normal” movies. I like thsoe a lot. Like “The Full Monty (1997), that movie is great. So for once, you see a “normal” movie here. Only that it is hard to call this movie “normal” since it got nominated for 8 Oscars. But enough jibber-jabber about that stuff.

Males and females…”Silver Linings Playbook”!

The story is set in the town of Philadelphia and follows former teacher Pat Solatano Jr. (Bradley Cooper. And by former it means that he got fired after he had been put in a prison/mental health clinic after he had assaulted the lover of his wife. Why? Well since Pat and his wife Nikki (Brea Bee) were still married and Pat caught the two lovers fucking in the shower. So he assaulted and almost killed him. But circa 8 months later he gets released and have to live with his parents Pat Sr. (Robert De Niro) and Dolores (Jacki Weaver). One day when he’s out for a jog he meets hiw old friend Ronnie (John Ortiz). Ronnie invites Pat for dinner with him and his wife Veronica (Julia Stiles). At that dinner he meets a young woman named Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), who is a friend of Ronnie and Veronica. They have a strange conversation of medication and mental illness. After that, Pat follows Tiffany home, she offers him sex, he declines. The following day they meet while Pat is out for a jog again. And after that the movie follows how their so called “relationship” evolves and they grow into friends…and maybe even more. I gotta say, the story was better than I expected. Sure, it’s not much at first sight, but as the movie goes on, it adds more meat to the bone. Also, Pat is diagnosed bipolar. Just good to mention for the story.

The characters are all fucked up in their respective ways…all of them, even the non-diagnosed ones. But htat is what makes them so unique and entertaining to watch. I honestly fucking love the character of Tiffany! Not only is she strange and greatly written, Jennifer Lawrence makes her even better with her slightly hyper style of acting and odd accent. Also, Pat is great since he is so complex yet so simple. Bradley Cooper delivered him with pitch perfect delivery, I am now convinced he is a good actor and not just a cheesier version of Face from “The A-Team”. All the characters are great to watch since they’re all so well acted. Hell, even Chris Tucker’s character was good (I am surprised since…Chris Tucker). Great characters/acting.

The music is really good. It is a mix of a few licensed songs and a few original tracks by the masterful Danny Elfman (The Simpsons, Nightmare Before Christmas). The licensed songs fit perfectly with this strange movie. The only musician I could recognize was the one of THe White Stripes with their good song “Hello Operator”. All other licensed songs are good as well of course with muscians like Stevie Wonder and Frank Sinatra.

I have to say that David O. Russell did a good job with the directing of this. He made it not only look good, but have a certain type of energy that would be needed for this type of movie.

Reception for this movie was overall good. Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 92% rating and certified it fresh. Metacritic gave it an 81/100 score. Mr. Roger Ebert gave this movie 3,5/4 stars, called Russell’s screenplay “ingenious” and said this lovely thing:

“so good, it could almost be a terrific old classic” got the rating of 7,9 on this movie.
Like I said, this movie was nominated for 8 Oscars and won 1. Here is the Win: “Best Leading Actress” (Jennifer Lawrence).
And here are the other nominations: Best motion picture of the year, Best Leading Actor (Bradley Cooper), Best supporting actor (Robert De Niro), Best supporting actress (Jacki Weaver), Best achievement in directing (David O. Russell), Best adapted screenplay, Best achievement in film editing.

I have given my opinions on the few aspects on the movie that I usually give. So I am ready to give a score. This movie gets a 9,74/10. This movie is excellent and should be watched by you people…DO IT, DAMN IT!!!

“Silver Linings Playbook” is now reviewed.


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