Movie Review: Casino Royale (2006)


James Bond is probably the longest living movie franchise right now. The first one came in 1962 and they have just kepy coming. Sure, they switched the actor every now and then, but that was to make sure the character didn’t look too old. To be completely honest I haven’t seen that many Bond movies. I think I have seen like…three prior to this. Back to the subject…this movie. The Bond “reboot” if you will that got incredibly popular and had critics very pleased. But what did this guy right here think about it? This guy who has been skeptic about Daniel Craig as Agent 007.

Bonds and Bondettes…”Casino Royale”.

The story follows MI6 agent James Bond (Daniel Craig). He has recently become a so called “00-agent” (A.K.A an agent with license to kill). But after getting this little rank he is sent on a special mission by his boss, M (Judi Dench). This mission is to enter a high stakes poker game at a casino and stop the bad guy known as Le Chiffre (Mads Mikkelsen). Le Chiffre is a man who works with illegal arms dealing. If he doesn’t win, Le Chiffre will get money to fund his empire even more and continue his wepons dealing. But doing so is easier said than done when Le Chiffre is a so called mathematical genius. Another thing that troubles everything is that as any Bond movie, there are a lot of people who will try to kill Mr. Bond. But Bond is not entirely alone. He gets help from the beautiful finance woman Vesper Lynd (Eva Green) whom he develops feelings for. Now what I like about this story is not the main layout. but the execution. It is incredibly well made and just perfectly executed. It is perfectly paced. Director Martin Campbell has created a seamless balance of dialogue, action and poker games. The basics are good…but the execution is even better.

The characters…surprisingly I like them. They are well written and well acted. I was very happily surprised with Daniel Craig’s performance as Bond. I actually liked him and thought he fit. I was doubting that fact a for good two years before I saw this movie. He didn’t seem like the typical Bond guy…but he pulled it off. And Judi Dench was of course good since well…she is Judi Dench, let’s just say that. I also liked that they made Bond a very human and even somewhat relatable character that showed that he is not just this immortal badass killing machine…but that he is a mortal human with flaws. And that is something I loved.

The music…oh god the music. Sure, that phrase doesn’t say much since every Bond movie has good music. But the music in this is just fantastic. The score by David Arnold is perfect. But of course…since it’s a Bond movie we have to see how good the opening song is. And in “Casino Royale” it is honestly one of the best songs I have ever heard…but that’s just me. Great soundtrack!

This movie got some of the coolest shtos I have seen in an action movie. Not just for the action scenes, but in general. This movie is shot in such a way that it always is interesting, even in what would have been really boring scenes. Also…the action in this movie is honestly fucking amazing. And unlike most modern action movies, they don’t cut every fucking second…they actually show what’s going on. And that is something I love!

The reception for “Casino Royale” was just great. A lot of it was aimed at Craig’s performance as Bond. On Metacritic this movie has the score of 81/100. On Rotten Tomatoes it has the incredible score of 95% and is certified “Fresh”. Roger Ebert gave this movie a 4/4 star rating saying

 “Craig makes a superb Bond … who gives the sense of a hard man, wounded by life and his job, who nevertheless cares about people and right and wrong,”

This movie got a score of 8,0/10 on yet is strangely enough not on the “Top 250” list.

I liked the story, characters, music, direction, action and all that good stuff in this movie. So I am giving this movie the score of 9,56/10 and the SEAL OF APPROVAL!

This movie is worth a buy. Wait…worth a buy…what the hell am I saying!? It is almost mandatory that you buy it! This movie is great. But yeah, I definitely recommend this movie to lovers of movie lovers/action lovers/anyone.

Review of “Casino Royale” is done.

I’m back, baby!

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