Movie Review: The Wedding Singer (1998)

Adam Sandler, love or hate the guy. He has made some missteps during his 20+ year long career. A few of those include movies like “Jack & Jill” and “That’s my Boy”. But he has made some generally decent ones like “Bedtime Stories” and “Funny People” (take note I haven’t seen “Punch, Drunk, Love” yet). But today we are looking at something slightly different. Something that has gotten average ratings.

Ladies and Gentlemen…”The Wedding Singer”.

Robbie (Adam Sandler) is a wedding singer (Roll credits). He is one of the more popular ones. Soon he is going to get married himself…problem is his fiancée (Angela Featherstone) left him at the altar on the special day. And that puts him in a deep depression. While on the other end on the spectrum we have Robbie’s good friend Julia (Drew Barrymore) who wants to get married while her fiancé Glenn (Matthew Glave) is not too caring about it (at first). So after a few things involving the depression and Robbie trying to get back to work he realises something…he might have a small thing for Julia. So we see his struggle with trying to deal with his feelings for Julia while she looks all happy that she is gonna get married. Now this story sounds all sappy and cliché and boring and all that fun shit…and it is. But it is so fun to watch since it is not as stupid as a lot of Sandler’s other movies and not as lame as most romantic comedies. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and found it not only easy to follow, but also somewhat sweet and fun.

The characters are basically cardboard cutouts for this type of movie with the exception of Sandler and Barrymore…mainly because they are Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. BUT even though most other characters are cardboard cutouts I did find them entertaining to watch. They were well acted and had some decent enough writing. And the chemistry between Sandler and Barrymore was honestly really good, it was probably one of the best parts of the movie.

The music in this movie is something else…and by that I mean it is a soundtrack I love. Why? It is based on 80’s rock/pop/stuff music…and I love that shit. There was a crap-ton of songs I recognized in this movie and I always find it amuzing when that type of stuff happens. There were a few original tracks here and there…but it was nothing special (not calling it bad). Soooooo yeah…the music was good.

I don’t really have much to say here. The movie is set in the 80’s, so it means you will see a lot of old haircuts and cars and other scary things. This movie also has an awesome scene featuring Billy Idol…yeah.

Reception for the movie wasn’t too shabby. Rotten Tomatoes currently has a 67% rating for it. Metacritic has the score of 59/100. Roger Ebert didn’t seem to enjoy this movie considering he gave it a 1/4 star rating. has given this the score of 6,8/10.

I have given one or two opinions of mine about the movie and I am ready to hand out my score for it. “The Wedding Singer” gets an inofficially official rating of 8,56/10 and a recommendation to add it to you DVD/Blu-Ray/VHS collection. It is not the most original or best comedy ever…but it is entertaining enough to warrant a buy.

“The Wedding Singer” is now reviewed.

I honestly have nothing good to end this with.

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