Why I have not made a “Best of 2014” list yet

Hello my friends! As you may have gotten from the title is that I am going to explain why I haven’t made a “Best movies of 2014” list. And here you get the reasoning:

I think the main thing that affects me is the budget. I don’t have a real job. I am a high school student and not an adult who gets a monthly salary. And since my parents aren’t the richest of people they can’t pay me anytime I say I want money.
Going back to the whole thing about me being a high school student, that adds something that puts a little pressure on me. I do not always have the time to go see every movie in theatres. I got homework, I got essays, I got all kinds of shit to do. Hell, i am lucky that I managed to squeeze in 4 visits to the movie theater this year, that is my personal best.

I know all of this might sound like a bad excuse, but those are really my reasons why I haven’t done a list yet. But I think I can get it out sometime during spring 2015. Thank you for your patience and support of my blog, you guys rock!

See ya!

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