Movie Review: Gone Girl (2014)


When a new crime-drama/thriller comes out I get pretty curious immediately. They attract me like a bloody venison attracts a wolf, especially if the movie looks somewhat good. Sure, there is a lot of shit out there among the crime-drama/thrillers, but I can usually escape that in one way or another. Now then I heard about this little movie one day in late summer 2014. So when I heard about it I looked it up I noticed something pretty cool… it was directed by David Fincher. If you didn’t already know, David Fincher is my favorite director. Hell, he made my favorite movie of all time, “Fight Club”. So of course the excitement started building inside of me. Unfortunately I missed it when it came out in October, but now I finally got a chance to see it. So what did I think of it? Does it hold up to previous works of Fincher? Or is it awful? Let’s take a look!

Boys and girls… “Gone Girl”.

Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) and his wife Amy (Rosamund Pike) are living a happy little life. They got a nice house, they own a bar together with Nick’s sister Margo (Carrie Coon) and they got a cat. But on the day of their fifth wedding anniversary something weird happens… Amy has disappeared. I guess you can say she is a “Gone Girl”… okay I’ll stop now. So of course Nick get the cops involved in it all since he suspects kidnapping. But as the story goes on you start to wonder if Nick did it. And from there on we have one of the best stories of 2014 and possibly even the 2000’s. Not only do we have the main thing of Amy being gone (girl) but you also have Nick constantly being hounded by the media and being constantly shit upon by everyone. And I think the movie explores perfectly. It is also fun to note that this movie keeps bombarding you with twist after twist without it feeling forced or showy. Most movies that have big twists simply use them like “Hey, look at me! I use twists, I am so smart!” and come off as stupid. What “Gone Girl” does is give us a ton of twists and make them all relevant and interesting. It was also fun how I was kept interested through the entire runtime (two and a half hours) and never got bored. Good job “Gone Girl”!

The characters are all unique, incredibly fleshed out and really well acted. I am going to be completely honest, I think this is Ben Affleck’s best performance. Yes, he was really good in “Argo”, but here he really showed his talents. And Rosamund Pike, holy shit! She was fantastic in the movie! It is rare to see an actress be this good and steal the show this much. Still, I am probably easily impressed considering I have only seen her in “Jack Reacher” prior to this. Not that she was bad, she just wasn’t this amazing in that movie. And I know, I have to add my opinion on Tyler Perry in this movie… he was really good. I am not a fan of his movies, but here he showed that he can act if given the right script and director. That is the case with most actors… except for Sam Worthington, he can’t act. Overall the performances and characters in the movie were great.

This is the third time I have heard a score form Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross and once again they impress me. These guys sure do have a great track record and I don’t think they know how to make a bad score. Just like in “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” the score is cold, haunting and chilling. There were scenes that got really disturbing and bone-chilling by this score. I thought the score was great! I’ll admit, it’s not something I’d start up at a party, but it is still a great score that is worth any praise.

I don’t have to mention anything about the camera work since it’s a David Fincher movie. I have praised the camera work in his other movies before, so I don’t have to mention it again. Let’s just put it like this: It is as fantastic as always! One thing that is worth knowing about this movie is how it is based on a book with the same title by author Gillian Flynn. Now that might sound kinda standard and not too worth noting at first glance, but here omces the fun part; She also adapted it into a screenplay. And you know what? The screenplay was awesome!

Now how did this movie do in the reception department? Pretty fucking well if you look anywhere. On Rotten Tomatoes it got an 88% positive rating with a “Fresh” certification. On Metacritic it got a 79/100. And on it has an 8,3/10 and is ranked #127 on the “Top 250 list”. As of this review the movie has gotten one Oscar nomination (only one) in the category of Best Actress in a leading role (Rosamund Pike) which I really hope wins because she was awesome.

“Gone Girl” is a daring, dark, disturbing, unique, well acted, incredibly well shot and got some really great performances. It also got a great original score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. Now for my final score. Where is it? Oh crap, it’s gone (girl). No, found it… I sat on it. My final score for David Fincher’s “Gone Girl” is a 9,85/10 and it of course gets the “SEAL OF APPROVAL!”

“Gone Girl” is now reviewed.

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