1 Year!

Hello, friends of wordpress. I am here to make one special little post. I got a notification today that on this day, 1 year ago, I created my blog. 1 year, I’ll be damned! To be completely honest I didn’t think I would be continuing blogging that long. I thought I would get bored after maybe a month or two… but here I am, 1 year later. One of the reasons that I have been along for the ride I guess is because of all you guys and your continued support. I know I am sounding incredibly cheesy and clichéd, but I want to get this out. You guys are awesome and I am hoping for an equally as awesome, if not better second year! So to celebrate this little thing I am going to later this week (or maybe next, my laziness doesn’t have a real schedule) release a very special “Top 10” on my blog. You can speculate all you want, I am not telling you until it is time. Again, thank you for the support, you people are awesome!

See ya!

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