Movie Review: Henry’s Crime (2011)


Heist movies! they come, they go, they rock, they suck! That is the circle of life my friends. Heist movies are some of the most entertaining movies existing, mainly from seeing both the plan and execution of said heist. We have had some really awesome ones such as “Heat”. Then we have also had some less-than-stellar ones like “30 minutes or less”. But it is always interesting to see what different heist movie brings to the table. Today we are taking a look at a heist movie that not too many people know about… maybe for the better? But is it really complete shit? Or is it actually a masterpiece? Let’s find out!

Henrys and Henriettas… “Henry’s Crime”.

The movie follows Henry Torne (Keanu Reeves) who works nights in a toll booth. But one day everything changes when he gets charged with first degree armed robbery (even though he didn’t commit the crime). Three years later he gets out of prison to see that everything have changed. His wife Debbie (Judy Greer) being together with another dude and such. But after going to the bathroom at a local diner he gets a plan. What kind of plan you ask? Well the dumb son of a bitch gets a plan to go and rob the fucking bank he was arrested for allegedly robbing. And he does it with the help of his former cellmate Max (James Caan) and his new (and kind of bitchy) friend Julie (Vera Farmiga). The plot is silly but I feel like it works in the sense that it isn’t completely brainless. The only problems I had with the plot are minor pacing issues here and there. Overall it was pretty good.

The characters are for the most part good. Keanu was good in the role even though maybe a bit stilted (like usual). But I enjoyed watching him because I felt that he had a bit of chemistry with the other actors. Particularly James Caan who I thought was pretty awesome in the movie. He was by far the most interesting and entertaining character in the movie. Vera Farmiga was also really good in the role as this kind of bitchy yet likeable woman. I enjoyed the characters and acting for the most part.

The music in the movie was pretty cool. It was a mix of jazz, blues and gospel. I thought the music was good and fit. For the most part there were only licensed tracks in those styles, but since they were used well enough in the movie I didn’t mind. I am sure there was an original score in there somewhere but I didn’t feel like looking it up to see who composed it. But I did like what I heard!

The camera work (while nothing mindblowing) was pretty good. It looked good enough and never bothered me in any way. I also did laugh at a fair amount of the jokes in this movie. Not all of them hit me but I did enjoy a fair amount of them.

This movie has gotten some pretty mixed reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a 40% positive rating. On Metacritic it has a score of 49/100. Roger Ebert didn’t like it too much giving it only 2/4 stars. And on it has a score of 6,0/10.

“Henry’s Crime” is an enjoyable and pretty funny heist movie with a few decent performances and some pretty good music. The camera work was pretty good as well. But like I said, nothing in this movie was particularly mindblowing or Oscar worthy. Time for my final score. Thank you Henry, coudln’t have been easy to steal the envelope, huh? My final score for “Henry’s Crime” is a 7,45/10. It’s a pretty good time and I think it is worth renting.
Rent it

Review of “Henry’s Crime” is done.

What? No “woaw”, Keanu? Shame on you.

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