My Favorite Scenes: Angel – Season 5 – Puppet vs. Spike

How are you guys doing today? “My Favorite Scenes” is back… again. Time to share another scene that I like from any movie/show/thing. And what is it this time? This time it is the “fight” from the fifth season of fantasy/action show “Angel” (Sidenote: “Angel” is a spinoff from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) between titular character Angel (David Boreanaz) and my personal favorite character Spike (James Marsters). The twist? Angel has been turned into a puppet and that makes this “fight” really hilarious. If you haven’t seen “Angel” yet then I suggest you should, it’s a great show. Just remember that it can be very episodic. You might also want to watch the first few seasons of “Buffy” to get the full backstory. Anyway, I love this scene and it cracks me up everytime.

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