When in Rome…

Good evening my friends. This is Markus coming at you with another post, but this time a little different. It’s not a movie review, series review, “My Favorite Scenes” or “Recent Purchases”, this is just a regular sort of blog post. But this isn’t really a blog post in the sense on what I have been doing for the last couple of days, it is a small update of sorts. And what do I mean by that? This thursday, the 5th I will be going to Rome which means there will be no movie review this friday/saturday like you usually see on my blog. I might get one out earlier to try to compensate for that, but I won’t promise anything. Plan B for compensation might be that I get you two (or more) next week. But like I said, this thursday (the 5th) I will be going to Rome with my class and will get home during the evening of the 10th (Tuesday next week). So like I said, you will not see any bigger post from me then, I might give a small update on if I’m having fun or not from my phone, but I’m not guarantying anything. What will we do in Rome I hear you ask? We will walk around, look at artsy fartsy stuff and eat awesome food. I know it is awesome because one of the teachers going with us is from Italy and she says Italian food is great. My dad has also witnessed on the fact that Italian food is pretty great. Sooooo, yeah… that’s about it. There is really nothing else I can mention there. I just wanted you to know since there have been a pretty consistent basis when it comes to my reviews lately with most of them being up on a friday or saturday. Oh well, that’s how it goes.

Have a good one!

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