Bad luck follows me like a stray dog… a stray dog that I adopt.

Surprise, people! I am back, before I should be back. Let me explain!

The other day I made a post where I told you that I would be in Rome for a couple of days and couldn’t make any posts here. Well as it turns out the flight I was gonna take was cancelled… TWICE! The first time it was cancelled and we found out we could take a plane the day later, I said “Fair enough!”. So we got to stay at a hotel right next to the airport for the night. Then late in the evening we found out (Sidenote: We as in my class, found out from the teachers who were with us) that the plane we were gonna take early in the morning was already cancelled too. So we basically said “FUCK IT!” and decided to simply spend the night at the hotel like planned but then go home the next morning. And so it went. I can also mention that the same evening we found out the second plane was cancelled we decided to go to the sushi bar they had at the airport to eat dinner, but it had just closed up (*SIGH*). Of course we got food that same evening at a burger joint they got at the airport.  But it seems like one domino fell right after the other. I can however say that I had one hell of a good time because of my classmates being fucking awesome! Now I will talk about some fun shit!

Since we couldn’t travel to Rome on thursday we had to spend the day in a decent way, but how? We traveled to Gothenburg (Sidenote: Yes, the one in Sweden and not the one in Nebraska) and spent the day there with a nice lunch at “Jensens Böfhaus” (Sidenote: It is basically a steakhouse) and walked around in different stores while also talking, laughing and even sometimes singing. Also, back at the hotel during the evening we played a round of “Cards Against Humanity” (Sidenote: My friend brought along his cards so we could play) and laughed our asses off. We were all happy and throughout I felt like we all got a lot closer. There is always a stream of light in the darkness I guess.

So overall I think the trip/journey was great even though it went as far from the original plan as it could. But the teachers said we might get to do this trip on a later date, they’re just not sure when. Talking about all of this just made me feel a lot lighter.

Thanks for reading, have a good one!

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