Happy Easter

Evil Chicken

Good evening, good morning, good afternoon, good night people of the internet! I hope you are all having a good time. I can at least say that I am sure having a good time. I just wanted to leave a little thing here for you.

It started with Jesus dying and then coming back from the dead, now it is all about candy and a giant bunny who you shouldn’t trust your kids with. I mean, it steals the eggs from unsuspecting reptiles/birds, paints them and hides them all over the fucking place! With that said, as long as it isn’t stealing kids or people I guess everything is okay. I know I am sounding a little bit like a cynic here, but I am just trying to cover every area of this subject. Both the family friendly and the darker things. But I didn’t really feel like making something overly long for this so I’ll leave you all with this…

Happy fuckin’ Easter.

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