Winning the Eurovision Song Contest might actually be a bad thing


The final round of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest just concluded and the winner became Sweden (My home country). Now I do congratulate Måns Zelmerlöw (the dude who won) for this win since I do think he is a talented musician who I have liked for some time. Hell, I’d congratulate anyone who would win since that is a polite thing to do. It’s like at the end of a random ball game: you face the other team, you lose but you shake their hands and congratulate them on the win even though in your head you are flipping them off pretty majorly. Fucking hell, I’m getting off track! Måns won, congrats! But a win in Eurovision might actually not be a great thing. I know it sounds weird and I think my arguments will sound weird too, but I will still share them because I have had these thoughts in my head for a while now. On a sidenote, I didn’t watch the finals tonight, I instead sat and watched “The Rock” for the second time because Sean Connery always beats any music competition, no exceptions.

My main argument is that the money used by the host country to host the competition that year are most likely drawn from our tax money. You know, tax money that could be used for better things like education material or better road work. And that is why I always think “Hmm, this song from my country is pretty fucking great, it might actually have a chance of winning.. oh shit, it might actually have a chance of winning!”. And while this mentality might seem pretty stupid to most ears (or in this case eyes), economic thinking is a valid argument for this situation. Sure, at the time of writing this I am no tax payer (since I’m still living with my parents), but I still worry about these things. This is why we have shitty roads and meh education material in the world. Except for the US… they have it simply because of republicans.

Did I sound like a rambling moron writing this? Probably, but I stand by my opinion on the matter. Winning might seem fun at first, but then come to me and complain when you don’t have money left to improve things in the country… that’s all on you… and all other countries who voted for you. Uhm… RANT OVER!

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