Happy birthday, Jaws!


What’s up, people? I am just here to talk a tiny bit about one of cinema’s greatest hits. A movie that has had so much influence over the movie industry yet has never been topped. A movie that made people afraid to go to the beach. That’s right… “Top Gun”! I’m kidding, but those shirtless guys-only volleyball games were kind of scary…ish. No, I am talking about the cinematic masterpiece “Jaws” from master director Steven Spielberg!

On the 1st of June 1975 “Jaws” saw the light of day and became the first real blockbuster. Hell, this is the movie that basically coined the term “blockbuster” simply because people were standing in lines around the block to see this movie. People saw it, they loved it and they got so scared that they didn’t go in the water for a while. Well I don’t blame them, “Jaws” is a pretty scary movie. And by scary I mean really freaking suspenseful. This is a universally loved movie to this day and it is still scaring people with DVDs and Blu-Rays and VODs and WTFs and all kinds of video formats.

I remember when I first saw it. I was around 13 or 14, I was sitting in my room and it was on TV. To be completely honest, I wasn’t that scared by it but I did think it was creepy. I thought the movie was really well made, I thought the actors gave terrific performances and I thought John Williams’ score was fantastic. It was overall a great movie. And the finale of the movie was also fantastic! I won’t spoil it if you somehow haven’t seen it yet. But how can you not have seen it yet… It’s motherfucking “Jaws”!

Talking about this amazing movie has given me a craving to review it one day soon. And the sequels too probably. So look forward to that!

Have a good one and you’re gonna need a bigger boat.


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