I have an idea

Hello guys, I am here to talk to you about something. I know what you’re thinking on your side of the screens; “Oh my god, it must be serious! What’s the matter, Markus?”. And don’t worry, I am not dying or sick. Well, I’m sick of a lot of bullshit in our world, but that’s a totally different story. No, what I’m talking about isn’t really serious but it is something I have been thinking about these past few days. Let me explain.

I’ve been thinking about (possibly) starting a new blog. And for those of you who are worried, I will not stop posting stuff here, this is my main space of work and will therefore not be abandoned. No, I am talking about a secondary blog that I would post stuff on every now and then. The theme of it? TV! And now I can see you rolling your eyes and saying “But Markus, you already make TV reviews here! What would you need a second blog for?”. And I am glad you asked that question, dearest reader! I wouldn’t use the second blog to simply review TV shows, that I would still do here, on that blog I would do episode guides (sort of) of different shows. I would talk about episodes (in order, of course) of different TV-shows. Of course I couldn’t do it of every show I watched because then I’d probably lose my mind. No, I would do it in a certain way which I will explain.


I have some rules/guidelines I have set up that would make it easier.

1: Only shows I have watched before. By doing it that way I would have prior knowledge of the show and therefore it would be easier to write a summary of it.
2: I won’t write them as regular reviews. I will go into some spoilers (which I never do on regular reviews), analyze certain plot points and say if the episode holds up or not (as an episode).
3: If you think there is a show I could go through you are free to suggest it, but I’m not sure if I will actually go through with it because of rule number 1. So if I by any chance haven’t seen the show you requested, I will not do it.
4: If/when I get through a season/show I would review it, but it would be on this blog and not on the other one.

So that is sort of the layout I had in mind for it. The big question is though: Would you guys be willing to read something like that if I made it? That is the main thing I want to be clear on. If you would like it. So really it is up to you. Should I? Or should I not? Leave a comment and let me know. If I do choose to do it, I will let you know both when and where it happens.

Have a good one!

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