It didn’t work out

Hi guys, Markus here again. I jsut wanted to let you know that the second blog I made has been deleted. I just got the feeling of “Yeah, this will not work in the long run, better delete this”. So that’s what I did. Now I don’t think any of you people are particularly sad about it since I only really made one post on it and the concept was doomed from the start. But hey, at least we still have this place filled with fun, profanity and terrible puns!

Have a good one!

It is finally here!

Dear people of wordpress, I have gone through with my idea! That’s right, I will start a reality show called “North Korean Idol”! Nah, not really! No, I mean the idea I mentioned the other day of starting a second blog where I talk about episodes of TV-shows. I have started it and made my first post there. It is me talking about the first episode of cult show “The X-Files”. You can read it here: So I hope you at least will check it out and maybe even follow the blog for more of this. To be honest, this is merely a test. If I get bored with it I will remove the blog from existence. Not this blog, no, the other one!

Have a good one.

Movie Review: Easy Rider (1969)


If you have a motorcycle you’d most likely want to get your motor runnin’ and head out on the highway. You will be lookin’ for adventure in whatever comes your way. Yeah darlin’, you’re gonna make it happen if you take the world in a love embrace.

Ladies and gentlemen… “Easy Rider”.

So in this movie we follow drug dealers/bikers Wyatt (Peter Fonda) and Billy (Dennis Hopper, R.I.P). After having scored some money after re-selling some cocaine they set out on a road trip from Los Angeles to New Orleans in time for Mardi Gras. And despite the premise being as simple as it can get, thanks to the excellent writing the story really fired all of it’s guns and exploded into space. The presentation of this road trip is excellent, having our “heroes” running into some interesting characters along the way, including the lawyer named George (Jack Nicholson). The story was great.

The characters in this movie are all very colorful and entertaining. None of them feel dull or out of place in the slightest. Peter Fonda is excellent as the more rational of the two main guys. Dennis Hopper is also very good as the more fun and care-free of the two. And then we have the supporting character George played by Jack Nicholson. Was there ever any doubt? He’s Jack Fuckin’ Nicholson, he was terrific in this movie as the alcoholic lawyer our “heroes” pick up along the way. Every actor in this movie was in fact great despite very few of them actually getting any real screen time.

This is an early example of a movie using only licensed tracks instead of an original score. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing since the mix of tracks they used for this movie fit perfectly into every part they were used in. And like a true nature’s child I enjoyed listening to the music in general.

This movie was directed by Dennis Hopper, who also stars in the movie. And he did an excellent job directing it with a lot of energy and with a very fun style that perfectly fit the movie. There is one scene in the movie in particular that was especially great, I’m not gonna say more about than that it appears near the end. In this scene the direction in combination with the editing makes the scene terrific and makes it feel like we were born, born to be wild. Also, in the scenes when the characters smoke marijuana, the actors actually smoked mairjuana. While science and research has proven that it hasn’t caused any deaths, it still makes me climb so high because I never wanna die.

This movie has bee nvery well-received. On Rotten Tomatoes it has an 88% positive rating and a “Fresh” certification. On Metacritic it has a score of 86/100. Roger Ebert gave the movie 4/4 stars and has it on his “Great Movies” list. And on it has a score of 7,4/10. The movie was also nominated for 2 Oscars in the categories of Best Supporting Actors (Nicholson) and Best Original Screenplay. 

“Easy Rider” is a simple movie with a lot of good storytelling going on in combination with excellent performances, great music and great direction/editing. Time for my final score. *Vroom Vroom*. My final score for “Easy Rider” is a 9,88/10. It definitely deserves the “SEAL OF APPROVAL!”.Seal of Approval

“Easy Rider” is now reviewed.



I have an idea

Hello guys, I am here to talk to you about something. I know what you’re thinking on your side of the screens; “Oh my god, it must be serious! What’s the matter, Markus?”. And don’t worry, I am not dying or sick. Well, I’m sick of a lot of bullshit in our world, but that’s a totally different story. No, what I’m talking about isn’t really serious but it is something I have been thinking about these past few days. Let me explain.

I’ve been thinking about (possibly) starting a new blog. And for those of you who are worried, I will not stop posting stuff here, this is my main space of work and will therefore not be abandoned. No, I am talking about a secondary blog that I would post stuff on every now and then. The theme of it? TV! And now I can see you rolling your eyes and saying “But Markus, you already make TV reviews here! What would you need a second blog for?”. And I am glad you asked that question, dearest reader! I wouldn’t use the second blog to simply review TV shows, that I would still do here, on that blog I would do episode guides (sort of) of different shows. I would talk about episodes (in order, of course) of different TV-shows. Of course I couldn’t do it of every show I watched because then I’d probably lose my mind. No, I would do it in a certain way which I will explain.


I have some rules/guidelines I have set up that would make it easier.

1: Only shows I have watched before. By doing it that way I would have prior knowledge of the show and therefore it would be easier to write a summary of it.
2: I won’t write them as regular reviews. I will go into some spoilers (which I never do on regular reviews), analyze certain plot points and say if the episode holds up or not (as an episode).
3: If you think there is a show I could go through you are free to suggest it, but I’m not sure if I will actually go through with it because of rule number 1. So if I by any chance haven’t seen the show you requested, I will not do it.
4: If/when I get through a season/show I would review it, but it would be on this blog and not on the other one.

So that is sort of the layout I had in mind for it. The big question is though: Would you guys be willing to read something like that if I made it? That is the main thing I want to be clear on. If you would like it. So really it is up to you. Should I? Or should I not? Leave a comment and let me know. If I do choose to do it, I will let you know both when and where it happens.

Have a good one!

Movie Review: Minority Report (2002)


With sci-fi being as big of a genre as it is I find it very interesting how many different types of movies you can find. You have your typical “Pew pew” sci-fi like “Star Wars”. Then you have the more methodical and realistic/dramatic sci-fi like “Moon” or “Sunshine”. Then we have the kind of sci-fi that falls somehwere inbetween. It is action, but it is also realistic/dramatic. And that is the type of sci-fi we are taking a look at today.

Ladies and gentlemen… “Minority Report”.

In the future, crime has been completely eliminated! And by crime I mean murder and by completely I mean in Washington D.C. Let me elaborate; there are these things/people called “Precogs” who can see murders before they even happen. So then it is up to a bunch of police(ish) officers to locate said murder and prevent it. And in this movie you follow Chief John Anderton (Tom Cruise) who one day gets accused of committing a murder… in the future. So now he is on the run, trying to clear his name and find out what the hell is going on. Okay, so it sounds like a sci-fi version of “The Fugitive” at first, but when you watch it this movie feels very fresh and original in it’s execution. Not only does the story present an interesting chase thriller, but it is also a story of human emotion which director Steven Spielberg is excellent at showing in his movies. The movie also gives us an interesting look at the future that really hasn’t been done before(ish). It is a very thought-provoking movie with a lot of good emotion and thriller elements behind it’s story.

Since this is a Spielberg movie, you know the characters will be really good. That is somethign I really respect about Spielberg, he makes sure his movie are more about the characters rather than the presented theme of the movie (theme of this is sci-fi chase thriller). So I am glad to see that the characters in this movie are as interesting as in his other movie. Tom Cruise is excellent in the lead role as John Anderton. He has to show a lot of emotion but also a lot of authority in his role and he does it perfectly. Colin Farrell also plays in the movie as this snarky/asshole inspector guy, and he’s great. The third actor I wanna go in depth with is Samantha Morton who plays the Precog Agatha. Holy shit, she is amazing in this movie. She shows off as much emotion as you can and she also manages to be emotionless at the same time and I honestly think she was worthy of at least an Oscar nomination because she was amazing. Every actor in the movie was in fact great, they all did a great job.

Like in most Steven Spielberg movies, the score was done by the one and only John Williams who once again blew us away with his amazing talents as a composer. The score is adrenaline pumping, the score is heartfelt, it is suspenseful, it is everything you need for this type of movie. In other words: it is fucking great!

Like i have stated about 40 fucking times already, this movie was directed by Steven Spielberg and he did a terrific job doing it. His shots look great and he really managed to keep my attention throughout the movie. The cinematography by Janusz Kaminski was also pretty fantastic. The combination of Spielberg’s direction and Kaminski’s cinematography gave the movie a unique look that I have never seen in any other movie which gives it a bit of an edge over other sci-fi movies. Also, this movie is apparently based on a story by Philip K. Dick who also did the story for “Blade Runner”. Remember, he only created the story, not the screenplay. And in other news, I should probably go and read some of his books/stories soon.

This movie has been very well-received. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a 90% positive rating and a “Fresh” certification. On Metacritic it has a score of 80/100. Roger Ebert gave the movie 4/4 stars. And on it has a score of 7,7/10. The movie was also nominated for 1 Oscar in the category of Best Sound Editing.

“Minority Report” is a very original sci-fi movie with a thought-provoking story, excellent performances, fantastic music, fantastic direction and cinematography and some genuine suspense. Time for my final score. *Ahem*… My final score for “Minority Report” is a 9,86/10. It definitely deserves the “SEAL OF APPROVAL!”
Seal of Approval

Review of “Minority Report” is completed.




Movie Review: Jaws 2 (1978)


As promised, I will review every movie in the “Jaws” series before the end of the summer. And now we finally get to the second installment in the series. Sorry that it took so long, not only was I delayed a week by going to camp, but it also took a while to find a decent version of the movie (too bad that the decent only applies to the audio/video quality, EYYOO!).

Ladies and gentlemen, *Sigh*… “Jaws 2”.

Welcome back to Amity Island, New York! A place of sun, sand and a lot of young people. But the peace is disturbed when another killer shark attacks some people there. So now it is once again up to Chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider, R.I.P) to try to stop it. Is it just me or does this plot already feel overused despite the fact that it is only the second one? Sure, the premise was so simple and you had doubts how great it could be, but then the original “Jaws” turned out to be a fucking masterpiece. Here it isn’t as interesting and well-told, but is almost just boring at times. The suspense is almost 100% gone. The only suspense in the movie exist in the final act, and even there it is paper-thin.

Most of the characters in this movie are pretty uninteresting. The only one I found myself interested in and entertained by was Chief Brody, and I think that is only because of how likeable Roy Scheider is as an actor. He has some funyn lines, he says some smart lines and he seems like he genuinely cares about this town of people who don’t believe him despite the first movie happening. You know what would have made this movie a bit more entertaining? Matt Hooper (Richard Dreyfuss) being back to help Brody stop this shark, but noooooo, that could never happen!

Once again the score was done by the legendary John Williams. And I do think the score is the saving grace of this movie. Sure, there are a few tracks that I didn’t enjoy that much, but overall it is really good. I mean, it’s John Fucking Williams!

The shots in this movie look pretty good despite this movie not being directed by Steven Spielberg (smart move, man!). Instead it is directed by Jeannot Szwarc (Jean-not make this movie, please!). To be honest, I have never heard of the man before, but he showed here that he is a competent director. Not amazing, but good enough to make it all come together decently.

This movie has not been very well-received by anyone, based on the few reviews/scores I found. And by few I mean… two. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a 53% positive rating. And on it has a score of 5,7/10.

“Jaws 2” is an uninspired mess that isn’t suspenseful, has only one interesting character and has a less than interesting plot. However it is held up a little by the charisma and talent of Roy Scheider, the score of John Williams, the decent direction and by being just somewhat fun. Time for my final score. *Cough*. My final score for “Jaws 2” is a 6,12/10. I think it is worth a rental.
Rent it

“Jaws 2” is now reviewed.

Hey, maybe the shark is just misunderstood.

My Favorite Scenes: Breaking Bad – What about a magnet?

Hello guys, I am back again with another “episode” of the “series” “My Favorite Scenes” where I give you a scene that I like from a movie or TV-show. And today we have a scene from the fifth season of the critically acclaimed drama “Breaking Bad”. And if you didn’t catch the drift, there are minor spoilers for season 5 of “Breaking Bad” so if you have not seen it yet, go away! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about the scene. In this scene we see Walt (Bryan Cranston) and Mike (Jonathan Banks) angrily discussing how they will get a laptop filled with incriminating information out of a very secure vault. Of course they get nowhere with their discussion until Jesse (Aaron Paul) comes with the brilliant idea of… magnets. The reason I chose this scene is mainly because while Walt and Mike are bickering about the plans, Jesse sits in the background (getting no attention at first) and goes like “What about magnets?”. Seeing/hearing him just sit there and try to get their attention is pretty hilarious to me.

Documentary Review: Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck (2015)


As much music as I listen to, both in the amount of genres and in the amount songs, you shouldn’t be surprised that I am a fan of grunge band Nirvana. While their style in a lot of songs might be too “raw” and “unpolished” for some people, I certainly like it a lot. So when I heard there was a new documentary about the band’s lead singer coming out I got pretty curious. So now I have finally gotten the chance to see it. So what did I think? Let’s have a look!’

Ladies and gentlemen… “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck”.

So in this movie we basically get the life story of musician Kurt Donald Cobain (R.I.P) who was the lead singer of grunge band Nirvana (Wait, I already mentioned those details in the intro). And we follow it from an objective point of view as we see how Kurt got from his humble beginnings in Aberdeen, Washington up to the point of his suicide in 1994. The story of Cobain is presented through a mix of interviews from people in his life, animations laid on top of voice clips of Cobain himself and also through a lot of different videos of him from different points in his life. All of this culminates into an interesting presentation of one of the most odd yet surprisingly complex people of the modern era. And while you can make your own opinion about the man, and the people who get interviewed say one thing or another about him, this movie is really an objective look at Cobain and his life. And I really enjoyed seeing how it presented itself, it was both entertaining and educational.

I think it is obvious that if you don’t like the music of Nirvana, you will hate the music in this movie because majority of it are Nirvana songs. There are a few other tracks too, mainly small pieces of original score to add to some parts where they really couldn’t use a Nirvana song to good result. But the original songs they did use were pretty great and fit very well into the mix. And if I remember correctly, at least two of the tracks were slowed down and more atmospheric versions of some Nirvana songs. And the Nirvana originals used in the movie weren’t blasted all the time but often sat in the background to keep the scene a little more interesting, even if the original scene is interesting on it’s own. And I might be a little biased about the music in the movie considering I love Nirvana, but even looking from an objective standpoint you can see that it fits perfectly. And with that whole “Bias” thing, even I know that if they would suddenly throw “Smells Like Teen Spirit” into “The Godfather” I would find it stupid and terrible. Oh my god, someone please photoshop Kurt Cobain’s head onto Marlon Brando in any scene he is in from “The Godfather”, that shit would be fucking hilarious!

This movie is edited in such a way that it would give some people headaches. It would also make the same people really fucking annoyed. But I personally don’t mind, the often frantic editing and direction fits the fractured mind of Kurt Cobain and the pretty strange life he led. I also think it gave the movie a ceratin edge that really makes it it’s own thing. I also liked the animations that they put on top of interviews and audio clips of Kurt Cobain, those were not only really well animated, but they also really worked a lot to help tell the story. Really, those animations could make for a very interesting movie on their own. Someone make it!

This movie has been very well-received. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a 98% positive rating and a “Fresh” certification (Sidenote: If you go by “Top Critics” on the site the movie has a 100% positive rating). On Metacritic it has a score of 84/100. And on it has a score of 7,8/10.

“Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck” is a very interesting look at the late grunge singer’s life. When you watch this you notice that while he did drugs, he was never really a bad person (and that was an objective observation, thank you). You will get sucked in and you will stay interested through the entire thing while also getting to listen to some great music. Time for my final score. *Strums on guitar*. My final score for “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck” is a 9,88/10. It definitely deserves the “SEAL OF APPROVAL!”.
Seal of Approval

Review of “Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck” is completed.

With the lights out, it’s less dangerous
Here we are now; entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now; entertain us
A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido
Yeah, hey

Movies left in 2015 I am looking forward to


How are you doing, guys? Personally I am doing great with summer vacation going on. Anyway, I am here to just tell you what movies left in 2015 I am excited about. And to be completely clear, these are in no particular order, these are just movies in general I am looking forward to. So let’s stop standing around like a bunch of jackasses in a circle and get this going!

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.


Let’s get the obvious shit out of the way first with what I would assume will be the highest grossing movie of this year, “Star Wars episode VII: The Force Awakens”. Just like everyone else I am looking forward a lot to “Star Wars” because it is motherfucking “Star Wars”! Some people are skeptical because of J.J. Abrams directing, I however am excited to see what he brings to the table considering his “Star Trek” reboot was fucking awesome (in my opinion). So yeah… “Star Wars”.


Again, getting the obvious stuff out of the way first. That’s right, I am really looking forward to seeing Marvel’s next movie “Ant-Man”. If you remember a long time ago, I did put it on my “Most Anticipated Movies of 2015” list. It was fairly high on that list. And even though Marvel can do no wrong these days I might be wrong about it. I mean, I was wrong about “Blackhat” which turned out to not be that great… but this is Marvel, not modern Michael Mann, so I think it will go well.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

You guys all know that I love Tom Cruise, he’s a great actor and I have a lot of respect for him as well for doing all of his own stunts. And this time he has out-triumphed himself with his foolishness by climbing on a plane taking off. First the Burj Khalifa, now a plane. What’s next, riding on the outside of a real life rocket? Tom, if you’re reading this… DON’T, NO!


IT is a new “James Bond” movie directed by Sam Mendes who did “Skyfall” (which I have not seen yet, I know, shame on me). But I did see Mendes’ movie “Road to Perdition” and that movie was awesome and I did see “Casino Royale” so I know Daniel Craig will be great as Bond. This will probably be a great movie as well.

The Martian.

It is a sci-fi movie starring Matt Damon (who is awesome) and is directed by Ridley Scott (who is awesome). What is not to be excited for!? Okay fine, Ridley Scott has had some missteps these past few years, but remember that this is the same guy that gave us “American Gangster”, “Alien”, “Gladiator” and “Blade Runner: The Final Cut”. Trust me, I got hope in this project. Also, come on guys, “Prometheus” wasn’t THAT BAD!

Bridge of Spies.

Next up is a spy-drama with the always successful combination of Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg. Now they are taking on the cold war and spies. This is what dreams are made of, all of these awesome details. This will probably be great based on the earlier collaborations of these two.



This movie has such a combination of factors that it is almost unbelievable. I will try to round them up as decently as I can because this movie over the past few months has earned my interest more and more to the point of it becoming one of my most anticipated of the year.
1: The plot is about a boxer’s life going from hit to shit… that sounds great.
2: It is directed by Antoine Fuqua who made “Training Day” and “Shooter”, both of which I haven’t seen in a long time. But I remember liking them, so that’s something!
3: It stars Jake Gyllenhaal, one of my favorite actors who has proven himself these past 10 years that he is one of the greatest actors living today.
4: It is written by Kurt Sutter, the creator of “Sons of Anarchy”, one of my favorite TV-shows of all time. And I remember that show having some great writing, so that is good.
5: The soundtrack was done by Eminem. If you don’t like his music, that’s fine but don’t scold me for liking it! I like his music and I do think it might fit in this movie. And that is the final nail in this coffin.


This might be the movie I am looking forward to the most out of all ones left this year. I know, more than “Star Wars” which I am still looking forward to more than you’d believe. But there is a strange allure to this movie that just makes it more interesting to me than “Star Wars”. I guess it might be because of the excellent cast including Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin and Benicio Del Toro. It might also be because of this movie being directed by Denis Villeneuve who made “Prisoners” which most likely will stay my favorite movie of 2013 because of how amazing that is.

So those are the movies I am most excited to see in the second half of 2015. What are some of yours? Comment below and let me know!

Have a good one!

Movie Review: The Insider (1999)


Whistleblowing is a topic that has been very relevant these past few years, especially after the whole Snowden ordeal in 2013. For those of you who don’t know, whistleblowing is when you expose secrets about a company or something of that nature that they would like to keep secret. In other words, blowing the whistle on them, hence the name “whistleblowing”. I can give you two examples of well known whistleblowers; Erin Brockovich who blew the whistle on a company that was the reason for people getting sick in a small town in California. And then we have our second example, Edward Snowden who leaked secrets of CIA/NSA spying on regular civlians through the internet as fecently as 2013. Okay, this intro became longer than expected… shit.

Ladies and gentlemen… “The Insider”.

In this movie we follow real life whistleblower Jeffrey Wigand (Russell Crowe) who was convinced by producer/journalist Lowell Bergman (Al Pacino) to go on the show “60 Minutes” and give confidential details and expose a huge tobacco industry. And from that we get an excellent plot. The plot is filled with fantastic suspense and drama that keeps you on the edge through the entire 2 hours and 37 minute runtime. While some events have been fictionalized for dramatic effect, most of it is actually accurate. But the blend of the real and the fictional is so fantastic that it will keep you guessing which is which. And that is what I loved about the plot, the seamless combination of real and fake, suspense and drama.

The characters in this movie are all compelling, fleshed out and feel like real people. And the actors in the movie do great jobs as them. This is definitely one of the best performances I have ever seen from Russell Crowe, he is excellent in this movie. He shows a lot of emotions in the movie and he has a bunch of little nuances that enhance his performance a lot. And Al Pacino was also great in this movie as Lowell Bergman. This is what I would call one of his more “quiet” performances. Don’t get me wrong, he does some shouting in the movie, but not as much as in a lot of movies. He is definitely less over-the-top and shout-y than in Michael Mann’s previous film “Heat”. Remember Pacino in “Heat” and his “great ass” monologue? Yeah, it was weird.

The score for the movie was done by Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke with a few tracks respectively by Graeme Revell, Gustavo Santaolalla (yay!), Jan Garbarek and Massive Attack. And despite there being so many different composers/artists working on the soundtrack it all feels very cohesive and not messy at all. All tracks come together to create a very atmospheric and suspense building soundtrack that helps the movie keep you on the edge of your chair/couch/floor/great ass.

This movie was directed by Michael Mann and it shows because this movie is dark, gritty and it all got a great tone. And the cinematography by Dante Spinotti is just as gritty as the overall direction and is therefore fantastic. The shots all look great and it manages to make the movie feel much more tense than if you had used any other director/cinematographer. Also, if you watch this, be prepared with a lot of popcorn and drinks because it is a long movie. Sure, “Heat” is even longer, but “The Insider” is still really long… so make sure you are loaded up on snacks and such. But I guess some of you take that as a challenge with the reaction of:

This movie has been very well-received. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a 96% positive rating with a “Fresh” certification. On Metacritic it has a score of 84/100. Roger Ebert gave the movie 3,5/4 stars. And on it has a score of 7,9/10. The movie was also nominated for 7 Oscars in the categories of Best picture, Best Actor (Crowe), Best director, Best adapted screenplay, Best cinematography, Best film editing and Best sound. 

“The Insider” is a suspenseful and dramatic corporate thriller with and excellent plot, terrific acting/character, great music, excellent direction/cinematography and some terrific writing. Time for my final score. *Ahem*. My final score for “The Insider” is a 9,87/10. It definitely gets the “SEAL OF APPROVAL!”.
Seal of Approval

“The Insider” is reviewed.

Two days in a row that I have reviewed a movie with “Inside” in the title… strange.