The Month of Spooks

Hey guys, this is your captain speaking, if you look to your left you will see nothing of importance because you are most likely sitting in your room/office/house/apartment looking at your wordpress feed. Maybe you are also sipping on a nice cup of coffee, or tea if you don’t like the nectar of the gods. I know I am sounding a bit like an asshole, but we’re still gonna be friends by the end of this little post because that is how life is. Wow, this little bullshit section got a little longer than I expected it to, I need to cut down on the stupidity. Anyway, I have a few things to announce for this month we call October, A.K.A. the month of spooks.

First off, on the 29th I will give a little review/analysis of an episode of the TV-series “Tales From The Crypt” over at, so look forward to that. And please check out and follow the blog because it is kind of awesome. They review superhero stuff all the time and it is always interesting to see their stuff. And while we’re at it, please check out because that is where we find the “bit of this, bit of that” stuff from the man who runs Channel Superhero.

Next thing I wanna mention is that I will bring you a review of the TV-show “Reaper” by this weekend. I usually never announce my reviews in advance because I usually tend to wing it with what I watch and review, so it’s even a bit of a surprise for me in that sense. However since I have been mainly watching “Reaper” for a few weeks straight I feel like I know that the review for the series will come and can therefore give you this heads-up.

Next up, since it’s October A.K.A. the month of spooks, I want to review some horror movies. Problem is, I don’t know which might be entertaining to watch and review. In other words, I want some “good” ones to watch. And to find these elusive movies I need the help of you guys. So I want you to suggest some good ones down in the comments. I can tell you this that I already know I will watch and most likely review “Oculus”. But like I said, I need more than that. However I will not review movies that I have covered in the past… good thing there are very few horror movies here. So “The Shining”, “1408”, “The Thing” and “The Sixth Sense” are out of the game. All other ones you can think of are good to go. Oh, I almost forgot; “Jaws” is also out of the game because that is not only one I have covered in the past, but also because it is a summer movie. Other than those… have fun with your suggestions! I am really looking forward to seeing some good ones from you!

Aaaaaand that’s about it. Really, I got nothing else to announce here. So I hope you have learned of something that sounds interesting to you. Maybe it’s my Tale From The Crypt which will come in the future or maybe it’s the horror stuff or maybe you just need me to talk about “Reaper”. Who knows? What I do know however is that I feel great about this month and I look forward to giving you guys some (hopefully) interesting content.

Welcome to the Month of Spooks!

3 thoughts on “The Month of Spooks

  1. Reaper was such a great show, will be looking forward to that. You should also check out Deadbeat on Hulu which has Sock on it playing the lead. And thanks for the plugs, appreciate it!

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