How’s it going guys? I am here today to make the announcement that I finally reached 100 followers on the blog. Okay, to be fair it did happen on friday, but out of respect for what happened in France I decided to postpone the announcement a little bit and I have since then gotten two more followers (so now it’s 102 people). Want proof? Look!

Sure, it’s a screenshot from my phone, but I think it’s good enough evidence.

First off I wanted to thank everyone who decided to follow this dumbass blog of mine. I never thought a smalltown guy from northern Europe like me could really do this well in the blogging community. Seriously… thank you all.

Secondly, I feel like a celebratory thing is in order… I do however not know what one could do. So I would like to get some feedback form you guys what I could do as a sort of celebration. And don’t be shy with your suggestions, anything’s allowed… it’s just that I maybe won’t do your specific suggestion. But feel free to suggest anything you want.

But once again, thank you all for your support and I hope you all have a great day. Big applause to you.
dwayne johnson

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