12 Songs of Christmas (Part 1)

Hello there, my friends. I hope you are all doing well. Today I wanted to a little something different with this whole music sharing thing. Since the holiday known as christmas is almost upon us I felt like I should do a little something special with it. From the old song “The 12 Days of Christmas” I have (sort of) based this thing. For 12 days straight I will share christmas music. So to be more clear, between the 13th (today) to the 24th I will share one christmas song for each day. “But Markus, why is the 24th the last day?”. It’s the final one because it is the day we here in Sweden celebrate christmas. So that is why the final one will be shared on that date. There, sloppy intro done, let’s introduce the song.

For our first outing I felt that since I started this thing late evening, I felt it was only appropriate to start with the song “Silent Night”. To be precise, I will be sharing “Silent Night” as performed by Brad Paisley, whom I consider my favorite country musician. Overall he generally makes some (in my opinion) great music, and his rendition of “Silent Night” is no different. It is relaxing, it is beautiful and it is just calm without becoming slow and boring. This is most definitely one of my favorite versions of any christmas song ever and should therefore be included on this little countdown to christmas as ýou could call it.

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