12 Songs of Christmas (Part 3)

Good evening, ladies and gents and welcome back to “12 Songs of Christmas”! You know, the thing I am doing now for 12 days straight where I share christmas music? No? Well you must be really new then. Now, let’s now dawdle too much with the intro here, let’s ger into the music.

For the third day I decided to a little more traditional with what I picked. It’s one of the slightly more mainstream christmas songs out there compared to yesterday’s “Mistress For Christmas”. Today I am sharing the song “Driving Home For Christmas” by singer/songwriter/guitarist Chris Rea. Chris Rea is a man who I think makes great music overall, especially the track known as “The Road to Hell part 2”. Anyhow, we are not here to talk about that awesome thing, instead we are here to talk about Rea’s christmas song. It’s a very mellow song, very easy on the ears. I would say that it is both relaxing and kind of a dance-starter. No, not full on pasodoble dancing, but at least the sort of “grabbing your partner and just moving side-to-side” type of dancing. Okay, that made very little sense, but at least I stand by it. And that is really all I have to say about the song, it’s great and good for a slow(ish) dance.


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