12 Songs of Christmas (Final Part)

Ladies, gentlemen and others… we are finally here. The final part (at least for this year) of my little series “12 Songs of Christmas”. I think we all have kind of enjoyed it to some extent, haven’t we? I believe each and everyone of us could find a song we liked among the ones I have shared over the past 12 days. And now it is time for one final christmas song for us all to enjoy together.

So for the last song I chose “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” because of reasons I will explain. First off, you can never get enough of the magic of Sinatra. Secondly, it is a beautiful little christmas ballad with very nice lyrics that at least makes me feel good inside. And third… It’s Frank Sinatra… his voice is one of the best voices ever. These are the main factors really, it’s quite simple to explain why I chose this song as the finale for our little christmas journey this year.

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