Movie Review: Cop Car (2015)


I wouldn’t really say that there are a lot of independent movies featured on my blog. There is maybe one or two every now and then, but not a lot. So let’s review one right now!

Ladies and gentlemen, don’t steal a fucking… “Cop Car”.

During what I would call an adventure, two boys (James Freedson-Jackson and Hays Wellford) find an abandoned police car that still has the keys in it for some reason. So the boys take it for a bit of a joyride. What they don’t know is that they stole it from a pretty corrupt cop (Kevin Bacon and his very interesting mustache). And now we get to see the boys fuck around with the car while the officer tries to find out what happened to his car and where it is. And for most of the movie I think the plot worked. From a basic standpoint, the idea of the plot is pretty unique and actually somewhat realistic. I mean, these kids seem around 10 and I do think that if a pair of 10 year olds would find an abandoned car with the keys in it they would take it. However, I did say that the plot worked mostly. And what I mean is that towards the end it starts falling apart and it starts turning into a less realistic B-movie. And based on that I feel like the movie wouldn’t become as great as it could have.

The characters might not have big arc they follow, but at least they’re entertaining. Kevin Bacon is absolutely fantastic as this really corrupt Sheriff who jsut lost his car which happen to be filled with guns and a few other surprises. But it’s great to see Kevin Bacon in a great role like this. Although I do wonder about that mustache of his. Anyway, what else is there? Oh yeah, the two leading kids… they are surprisingly good. Having kids act in a movie is a big gamble since they very often turn out pretty awful. However in this movie the kids actually give very good performances, at least from a child actor standpoint. Shea Whigham is also really good in his role. Every actor seen in the movie does a great job.

The score for “Cop Car” was composed by Phil Mossman and it was pretty good. Nothing mindblowing or great, but still good. It worked for the movie and helped build a little bit of tension at a few points. It’s pretty well composed and never distracts or ruins anything.

This movie was directed by Jon Watts and despite not really knowing anything about him prior to seeing this movie, I thought he did a great job directing this movie. The shots look great and everything is steady. I also love a lot of the environments you get to see in the movie, the southern states have some pretty great sights that work very well in movies. Also, here is a fun fact about the movie for you: The dispatch voice that you hear throughout the movie was provided by Kyra Sedgwick who is married to Kevin Bacon.

This movie has been pretty well received. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a 79% positive rating and a “Fresh” certification. On Metacritic it has a score of 66/100. And on it has a score of 6,2/10.

“Cop Car” has a very original idea for it’s plot and it works all the way except for the end. But the movie also has really good acting, good music and excellent directing. Time for my final score. *EEEEOOOOOEEEEEOOOO*. My final score for “Cop Car” is an 8,70/10. I think that it’s worth buying.
Worth buying

¨Cop Car” is now reviewed.

Kids’ll be kids… Hicks’ll be dicks.

5 thoughts on “Movie Review: Cop Car (2015)

  1. Ack! I hate it when a movie falls apart at the end, but it sounds like there’s enough worth watching in this film anyway.

    Hooray for Kevin Bacon! He has talent and doesn’t have to be the Big Star in every movie/scene. I really like that about him.

    As for the moustache, it looks like a good fit for his character.

    • I would say that it’s still worth checking out for some really good performances and for some terrific directing. Also, Kevin Bacon’s mustache in action is a good reason to see it.

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