Two Years

Holy fucking shit, is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Am I trying to ruin one of the best songs ever made? Here are the answers in order: Yes, maybe, hell no. But where does all this crazy stupidity come from? Well… I have been on this here blog for two years now. To me this is a really crazy thing considering I was anti-blogging for a while there. And then I tried out doing this thing where I focus on something I really wanted to do (in this case it’s movies). And from that on I’ve actually had a surprising amount of fun with the whole blogging thing. I guess that I’ve enjoyed it because I decided to talk about something I am kind of passionate about and also because I have met so many great people within the wordpress community.
I’ve loved my time here and I hope that I can keep on doing this for a long time. Thank you all for helping out by following and liking and stuff because it’s really been helping me out. You are all fuckin’ awesome!

Have a good one!

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