Great Music #13

Hola, amigos y amigas. ¿Cómo están ustedes? Okay, enough of el idioma paella, time to talk like most people do. I know it seems a bit weird that I would start out this post with a bit of Spanish but trust me, it will make sense in a second. Let’s get into it.

With the weather where I live having been very sunny and very warm the past couple of days it made me think of music I like that work for hot weather/summer. Songs that I can listen to while sitting in the sun, sipping on a cold drink. And then my mind immediately went to one of my favorite songs ever. It’s the song “Smooth” by Santana (now the Spanish will make sense) and Rob Thomas. Why I love it so much is not only because it’s a well made song with good transitions and good lyrics, but I just love the feel of it. The smooth (pun intended), latino, summer-y sound that it produces is just perfect for this type of weather. Also, the guitar playing by Carlos Santana is simply amazing. I love it, it’s amazing… listen to it and imagine yourself being out in the sunny weather, relaxing, having this playing… ain’t it a great image?

2 thoughts on “Great Music #13

  1. I listened to this 2x in a row while catching up on some blog reading.

    He really is an amazing artist. So much talent! It’s been a while since I’ve listened to Santana – thanks for posting this!

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