Great Music #14

Hi there, people of the internet who may nor may not be a figment of my imagination. Time to share some music with you again, and this one it is a lot different from what I usually share with you here… so let’s do it!

The song I am sharing with you now is “Long Way Down” sung by Gary Numan. What makes this so different from the tunes I usually share here is how dark, melancholic and outright strange it is compared to the usual rock songs I tend to share with you. And evne though it isn’t a badass rock song, I still surprisingly really enjoy it. I came across it when I was playing “The Evil Within” recently and finally finished the game. Yep, it’s an end credits theme… and a damn good one at that. But after finsihing the game I decided to go back and play it on New Game Plus only to then notice that the song briefly plays very early on in the game. So then I decided to check out the soundtrack and of course found this… and now you know about it too. And who knows, I might talk about the game in the near future too…

2 thoughts on “Great Music #14

  1. Hi Marcko! Sean and I are giving it a listen in our kitchen right now. I believe we’re real. Real-ish. Non figments. And pretty hungry.

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