Great Music #16

Hello there, my good friends from all over the internets. I hope you’re all having good day, because ya know, bad days are the worst. But if you’re having a bad day, maybe a bit of music could cheer you up a bit. I mean, music is something that usually helps me feel a lot better when I’m feelin’ a bit down. So let’s talk about a song.

So I didn’t go with what one would typically expect from me, though it is not too far oof either. The song we’re talking about is “Livin’ on the Run” by Scott Grimes. To some of you the name might seem familiar in some way. Well that is because Scott Grimes is for the most part an actor, most known for his roles as Archie Morris on “ER” or as Steve Smith on “American Dad”. He is also pretty well known for playing the character of Sgt. Donald G. Malarkey on the popular HBO mini series “Band of Brothers” (a show I have not seen). So I was a bit surprised to find out that this guy, who I know for his acting, had recorded music. And you know what? It sounds great. The song we are talking about today, “Livin’ on the Run”, might be my favorite of his songs. It’s kind of a love song about running away with your love from disapproving family or some shit like that. I don’t know, I’m not good at understanding what lyrics are about. The main reason I love it is because of Grimes’ voice, the overall composition being very good and the fact that the song is incredibly catchy. So that’s pretty much why I like it. I also highly recommend his song “Sunset blvd”, which comes from the same album as “Livin’ on the Run”, an album which is titled… “Livin on the Run”.
Have a good one!


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