“Bad Santa 2” teaser trailer?

Hi guys, Markus here. I know that I have been talking a lot about teasers/trailers the past few days (thanks, Comic Con!), but there’s one that came out late yesterday that I just have to talk about because it came out of fucking nowhere.

So we now have a teaser trailer for “Bad Santa 2”, the most unexpected sequel ever. Sure, in my “Most Anticipated Movies of 2016” list I had it as an honorable mention, but that was only because I didn’t think they were serious about it and it was more or less a rumor. So after that I forgot about it… until this teaser came out. For those of you who might not know, “Bad Santa” is a 2003 comedy starring Billy Bob Thornton as the most corrupt mall santa you have ever seen. It’s not a nice movie… it’s a rather naughty one (christmas pun definitely intended). The humor is pitch black and very mean-spirited, so it’s perfect for a grinch like me. Alright, you get the backstory of it now? Cool. So now, 13 years later, we get a sequel with more or less the same cast as before. Billy Bob Thornton will return as Willie Stokes, the titular Naughty Claus. Tony Cox will apparently return as Willie’s partner in crime, Marcus (pfff). We will also get the return of Brett Kelly who played the little kid that Willie met and had a weird and mean-spirited partnership with. Unfortunately we won’t be seeing the return of Bernie Mac or John Ritter since both sadly passed away in the years after the first movie. Oh well, we will at least get some new blood in the movie in the for mof Kathy Bates and Christina Hendricks, so that’s cool. Another difference is that this movie will be directed by Mark Waters, known for directing “Mean Girls” and “Freaky Friday”. The first one was directed by Terry Zwigoff who’s well known for directing “Ghost World”. “Bad Santa 2” is set to be released in theaters in late November of this year. So yeah… I am definitely interested in this.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited to see “Bad Santa 2”? And are you a fan of the original movie? Leave any and all thoughts in the comments.
Have a good one and enjoy the teaser.

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