200 Followers and an announcement!


Okay, I don’t know if I unwittingly gained some kind of power that attracts people to my blog or if you people just feel sorry for me. But this is honestly pretty fucking awesome. After having done this for a little over two and a half years, I finally reached 200 followers! Seriously, I am eternally grateful to anyone who decided to follow my silly stuff. For those who just arrived here, welcome to the madhouse! For those who have been here for a week or two, glad to have you here. For those who have been here for a few months, fun to see that you’re still on board. And for those who have been with me for the long run, thank you so much for sticking around for so damn long. Seriously, the fact that I even managed to get to 200 at all is fuckin’ incredible. I really can’t tell you how grateful I am about this stuff, it’s beyond words.
But since we actually managed to get here, we should have some sort of celebration. You know, some kind of special post to celebrate this thing. 10 favorite movies has already been done, favorite director has been done, favorite actors would be impossible to do. Yeah, I don’t know what to do. So I want YOU, the reader, to come up with something we can do to celebrate this momentous occasion. Leave any suggestions in the comments section of this post or send a tweet @TheMarckoguy with a suggestion, you decide where you send it. Again, thank you all so much for this, I really can’t express how awesome this is!

While were at it, I have a little announcement to make. I am currently planning for this year’s “Month of Spooks”. For those that don’t know, the “Month of Spooks” is a thing I started last year in October where I reviewed a whole bunch of Horror movies (because October equals Halloween). And I wanted to do it again this year, but try to expand it a bit. Last year it was a half-assed thing that I started in the middle of the month where I just started reviewing a few horror movies. But this year I really want to make something more out of it. Not sure exactly what I’ll do, but I got a few things up my sleeve for it that I might do. And you know what, maybe you could participate too. I’ll try to set up some type of thing where you could possibly sign up for the “Month of Spooks”.  So stand by for further word on that.

But yeah… that’s about it. Once again, leave suggestions in the comments or on twitter for what you would like to see as a sort of special since I hit 200 followers. You guys really are awesome, without all of you I wouldn’t have stuck around for as long as I did. Thank you so much, really. I salute you!
Have a good one!


15 thoughts on “200 Followers and an announcement!

  1. Congrats!

    Month of Spooks sounds great. You want some guest reviewers for some horror stuff? I am totally on board with that! Let me know, I am sure I can pull something together for you 🙂

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