Movie Review: 127 Hours (2010)


Being stuck, something that no one likes to be. Whether it is at work or in a dark room… not very fun. Even worse if you’re stuck all by yourself… yeah.

Disclaimer: I know this thing is based on a true story, but I will not base my review on how perfectly accurate to the real situation it may or may not be, but I will instead judge it as a movie… which it is. Disclaimer over.

Ladies and gentlemen… “127 Hours”.

Aron Ralston (James Franco) is a young, adventurous man. He loves being outdoors, hiking and climbing. But during one of his hikes he falls into a canyon and gets his arm stuck under a boulder. So now he has to survive while also trying to find a way to get the fuck out of there. And from that we get a tense and surprisingly entertaining plot. Yes… entertaining. When watching a movie about a guy trying to survive while being stuck in a claustrophobic location, I don’t expect to be entertianed… but I was. The way this was constructed made it both tense and surprisingly fun. Keep in mind, fun… not funny. We see Ralston being stuck, documenting parts of his ordeal while also reminiscing about his life and family. Yeah, the plot of the movie was very well presented and executed.

The character of Aron Ralston is a pretty interesting one. He’s never made out to be any kind of hero in the movie, despite his impressive survivalist tactics and interesting decisions. He is more of a cocky, yet clever guy who ends up in this shitty situation and has to endure it. So he’s definitely interesting to watch. And James Frnaco was absolutely terrific in the role, perfectly capturing the likable and misforunate Aron. And while there are some supporting performances throughout the movie, none of them really stand out. But they don’t need to stand out since this movie is meant to focus on Aron. And Franco manages to hold our attention very well.

The music in the movie is really good, having a good mix of licensed stuff and original stuff. The original score was composed by A.R. Rahman and has a pretty big focus on acoustic guitar, which actually fits very well with the drama and canyon environment. It’s used very well throughout the movie and sounds pretty great overall.

The movie was directed by Danny Boyle and he did a pretty great job. The directing is very tense and very tight, which works perfectly within the claustrophobic environment that Aron is stuck in. The editing is also really good and the use of different cinematographers for different shots gives the movie a very unique feel, especially since the different styles reflect the few different perspectives we get to experience Aron’s (in lack of a better word) journey. The movie also gives us one of the most difficult to watch scenes I have ever experienced. Thsoe who have seen the movie know what I’m talking about.

This movie has been very well received. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a 93% positive rating and a “Fresh” certification. On Metacritic it has a score of 82/100. Roger Ebert gave it 4/4 stars. And on it has a score of 7,6/10. The movie was also nominated for 6 Oscars in the categories of Best Picture, Best Actor (Franco), Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Film Editing, Best Original Score, and Best Original Song.

“127 Hours” is a harrowing but also inspiring movie with a great plot, great acting, great music, and great directing. Time for my final score. AAAHHHHH! My final score for “127 Hours” is a 9,88/10. This of course means it gets the “SEAL OF APPROVAL!”.
Seal of Approval

My review of “127 Hours” is now completed.

Franco is a very talented and likable actor, but it still feels weird saying “Academy Award nominee James Franco”.

8 thoughts on “Movie Review: 127 Hours (2010)

  1. Nice review as always. I thought 127 hours was a great film and you know what, this has prompted me to watch it again. So thanks for that !

    • Woaw! Never thought I’d make such an impact on a person with the help of one of my reviews. So you’re welcome, my good sir! And thank you for the kind words!

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