New “Assassin’s Creed” movie trailer

“Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” – Monty Python.

That’s right, ladies and gents of all ages and looks, we have a new trailer for the upcoming “Assassin’s Creed” movie, which for those who’ve lived under a rock for the past ten years, is a movie based on a series of video games. And it’s honestly one of my favorite game franchises of all time, with the second game probably being my favorite. One or two of you might remember that I did a post when the first trailer came out and I thought it was okay. Not mindblowing, but also not the worst. Still, with all the Hollywood fuck ups within the video game adaptation world, I have always been a skeptic when it comes to this. So let’s talk about this new trailer.

So it starts wit- HOLD ON… it’s PG-13!? Oh come on! PG-13… for a movie based on a series of games that happen to be very violent. Not “Gears of War” levels of violent, but still very violent. *Sigh*. Moving on from that crime against the title, we get more shots of our main character, Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender), sitting in prison, working with scientists using the Animus, and accessing the genetic memory of his ancestor Aguilar. And that’s about it. We get some action and drama and sci-fi stuff… stuff we kind of already knew. So what do I like about this trailer? Well first off, there is no shitty Kanye in here… so that’s a step in the right direction. I also like the action presented, it looks kind of badass. And Fassy looks as great as ever in this. So what don’t I like about it? Well there’s a modern pop song in this movie that is supposed to be futuristic sci-fi mixed with historical fiction. It’s a trend that is being used too much these days, since it modernizes stuff that doesn’t need to be modernizes. I also don’t like GOD DAMN IT, WHY IS THIS PG-13!? It makes no sense…. at all! *Deep breath* Calm down, Markus… at least this trailer is better than the first one. *Deep breath*. “Assassin’s Creed” is set to come out around Christmas this year.

So what are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to “Assassin’s Creed”? And are you a fan of the games? Leave any and all thoughts in the comments.
Have a good one and enjoy the trailer.

Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)


The other day was the blogathon thing, and we still got some Month of Spooks stuff left to do… but we can also not forget my series of “Harry Potter” reviews leading up to “Fantastic Beasts” in November. And now we are finally continuing it after,,, two and a half weeks, good grief. Anyhow, let’s stop with this intro and get into the review itself!

Ladies and gentlemen… “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”!

Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) begins his second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in a rather rocky way. First off, he got warnings from a house-elf named Dobby (Toby Jones) about bad things that will happen at Hogwarts. Secondly, his journey from Little Whinging to Hogwarts was kind of troublesome and filled with mishaps. But the trouble is not over yet, as people start getting petrified for some reason. And this of course creates a mystery where Harry, Ron (Rupter Grint), and Hermione (Emma Watson) to try to figure out who/what might have done this. With that said, I really liked how the plot unfolded… a lot. What I think the plot of this movie benefited from was how it doesn’t have to set the world up, since that was done (pretty fucking well) in the last movie. So now we can just get right into the main plot of this movie, which of course gives the plot of this movie a much better pace. Which is of course a bit ironic seeing as this movie is longer than the last. But yeah, it was an interesting plot which created a compelling mystery which of course led to the plot going to some darker places when it comes to this world and it’s main character. It was pretty great.

The characters in the movie are about as great as in the first one, but as the plot unfolds we do get a little bit more development from them as they learn more things. Daniel Radcliffe once again knocked it out of the park, getting some more moments to shine here in comparison to the first one. And the development of the character itself is actually really good, as we learn more about who he really is, at the same rate he does. Rupter Grint and Emma Watson also did great in this movie in their roles. And the chemistry between these three central actors is so great and so believable. The other actors in the movie do pretty great as well. Tom Felton as Malfoy once again was great, with his character being even more despicable than in the first movie. Richard Harris (R.I.P) was also really great as Dumbledore, Maggie Smith once again was great as professor McGonagall, Alan Rickman (R.I.P) was still amazing as Snape, and it goes on like that for pretty much every returning actor/character. But we also got a few new interesting faces in this one, so let’s go through them. First off we have the previously mentioned Dobby the house-elf, a magical little dude voiced by the great Toby Jones. At first he is actually a bit annoying, but after a while you grow to actually kind of like him, especially near the end when you find out some more stuff about him and his “family”. Next is Kenneth Branagh as Gilderoy Lockhart, a very famous wizard who you immediately can tell is more bark than bite. Basically he is the magical equivalent of the classic saying “Girls want to be with him and guys want to be him”. Think to have that dude as the “Defense Against the Dark Arts” teacher… yeah. But you can tell that Branagh had fun with the role, and I think he did a good jobas the character. And finally we have Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy, AKA Draco’s dad. And this dude just oozes of self-important asshole, as soon as he enters the scene you immediately tell that this guy is bad news. And Jason Isaacs is pretty damn great in the role. In other words, this cast is great!

Once again the music was composed by the one and only John Williams and its still great. Some of the themes in there are of course the same as in the first movie, but that’s nothing to complain about because those tracks are pretty great. But there are also a bunch of new tracks composed for this movie as well, and they are pretty great too, perfectly capturing the magical and whimsical but still dark world that Harry and his friends live in. Yeah, the music’s fucking great.

Like the first movie, this was directed by Chris Columbus (still not re-discovering America). And he did a great job again. Sure, a lot of bits remind me of the first movie a lot, but it’s not too much of a complaint. But he is a very talented director who did a great job, giving us some great directing and some great angles. He also managed to make this movie even more suspenseful and even scarier than the first. I mean, the final act is really tense and actually a bit scary. And the visual effects in this movie are even better than in the first, especially the Quidditch match which looks so much better than the first movie, which of course makes it more engaging and more fun.

This movie has been well received. On Rotten Tomatoes it has an 82% positive rating and a “Fresh” certification. On Metacritic it has a score of 63/100. Roger Ebert gave the movie 4/4 stars. And on it has a score of 7,4/10.

“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” is a a definite improvement over the first movie. With a really interesting plot, better pacing, great characters/acting, great music, fantastic visual effects, and better suspense/tension. Time for my final score. *Magically summons score*. My final score for “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” is a 9,67/10. So of course it gets the “SEAL OF APPROVAL!”.
Seal of Approval

My review of “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” is now completed.

If you have arachnophobia then this movie might not be the best for you…

Things I l Learned from the Movies Blogathon: Thank You for Smoking


Hello there, ladies and gentlemen. I know this post doesn’t have anything to do with the Month of Spooks, as in at all. But I heard about a fun little blogathon a while back called “Things I Learned from the Movies”, which would be held by the lovely ladies from Speakeasy and Silver Screenings. I was of course intrigued by this idea because not everyone will learn the same things from every movie. I also like the two hosts a bit and have followed them for a while, so it’s just fun for me to participate in something like this for them. So don’t worry, there will be more Month of Spooks to come, but right now this is the thing taking priority. Then let’s just get into it!

So I have decided to focus on the movie “Thank You for Smoking” when it comes to things I learned from any movie. There are reasons for this, but I’ll get into it in a bit. But before we get into the learning I will have to explain what this movie is about for anyone who hasn’t seen it. *Ahem*.
“Thank You for Smoking” is a 2006 satirical comedy about Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart), a spokesman for the tobacco industry who is willing to bullshit anyone or anything to keep the tobacco industry profitable. But it’s not too easy for him, seeing as there are people who are on the opposing side of the smoking argument that he has to verbally battle with. Nick also have to be role model for his son (Cameron Bright). So as you understand he has a lot on his plate. That’s the basic plot as explained (mediocrely) by me. Caught up? Good. So let’s get into it!

So what have I learned from this movie? A few things actually.

Lesson 1: How to win an argument.
Not gonna lie, this lesson kind of ties in to the next one, but I still wanna kind of put it as it’s own first. Anyway… as I said before, Nick’s job is basically to convince people that smoking is great and that people should do it. But there are of course people who are against that argument, that say that smoking is awful and should be banned/stopped. Really, it’s kind of an unwinnable confrontation since both sides will lay down arguments for their opinion. Which means you have to be smart about it, which Nick of course is. To illustrate this, there’s a clever little scene between him and his son at an amusement park that is done a more child-friendly way. Instead of cigarettes v not cigaretts, it’s chocolate v vanilla. Instead of proving that his opinion is right, he proves that his son’s opinion is wrong, which automatically makes Nick right. It’s a clever little analogy for what he does for a living. Have a look:

Did you get it? By proving his son wrong, Nick was in the right. And with that said, this of course kind of leads into the next lesson.

Lesson 2: The freedom of choice.
If you listened closely to what Nick said during the video, he talked about how we need choice when it comes to our ice cream. When you have two sides of an argument, there is a bit of a problem because both sides try to prove that both of them are right and that every other opinion/choice is wrong… it’s basically the internet in a nutshell. You can’t choose for yourself, you have to be forced to one side of the argument. But a lot of these times when people get forced, there’s no real research/education behind it. People should be properly informed about certain things in society so that they can make up their minds about it.

This is why issues/discussions regarding mariuana are kind of grey. One side tries to convince you “No, weed is a drug and should be banned all over the damn world!” while the other side tries to say “No, weed is great and should be everywhere”. None of them are really right… or wrong for that matter. Educate yourself on this, read everything you can and then make up your own damn mind on social issues. That also means that you should not force anyone onto your side of it all, instead just offer the person the freedom of choice to decide on their own. Education on things so people can choose all on their own is key, guys! In other words, if someone tries to say that they’re right and any other argument is wrong:

So that’s kind of what I learned from this movie. Not gonna lie, when I went into it I didn’t really expect to actually learn anything. And even if you don’t wanna learn anything from it, no need to worry. This is overall a great movie with some of the most clever, dark, and funny comedy that I have ever witnessed. Jason Reitman did a fantastic job when he directed this movie, and all the actors are great too. If I can be honest, I think they should show this movie in rhetoric classes if they aren’t already. Seriously, the students could really learn a thing or two from this movie.

I hope you all learned something today. And if you didn’t, then go watch the fucking movie and start learning stuff from the hilarious satire. Also, big thanks to Kristina and Ruth for giving me this opportunity, I had a great time with this (mainly because it gave me a reason to re-watch this movie)! Go check out their shit, guys… it’s pretty great.
Have a good one! And remember:

Movie Review: Crimson Peak (2015)


BOO! Ha, got you! That’s right folks, the Month of Spooks is continuing. So instead of writing the typical clever intro, let’s just get into the review and see what spooky antics we’re facing today.

Ladies and gentlemen, please beware of… “Crimson Peak”.

Edith (Mia Wasikowska) is a young, aspiring writer who falls in love with the mysterious Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston) and moves in with him is a shitty, old house. There we also find Thomas’ sister, Lucille (Jessica Chastain) who will be staying with them. However, everything might not be as it seems. And from that we get a story that was kind of mismarketed. The trailer and ads made this seem like a straight-up horror movie, but that’s not really true. This is more of a romance with some spooky stuff to it. And the plot from the start seems really pretty interesting, presenting some compelling mystery in combination with the gothic romance. However it is bogged down a bit by some mediocre pacing. I mean, there are scenes that are pretty slow and don’t really add to much plotwise. The last 15 – 20 minutes on the other hand… fucking great stuff, I telll you. That bit is exactly what I wanted the movie woverall to be like… intense, suspenseful, bloody. So yeah, interesting overall plot with some mediocre pacing, and a pretty great final act.

The characters in ths movie aren’t the most interesting. The only truly interesting characters are the ones played by Tom Hiddleston and Jessica Chastain, and that’s mainly because you can tell that there’s something off about them, as well as their backstory being interesting. Though their backstory is not revealed until pretty late into it. But where the characters in the movie aren’t that interesting, it’s almost made up for by the performances, all of which are really good. Mia Wasikowska as Edith is great, Tom Hiddleston is great, Jessica Chastain is great, and even Charlie Hunnam is great… even though he shouldn’t attempt an American accent. Then we also get a few smaller supporting performances from Jim Beaver and Burn Gorman, both of which do really well in their roles. So okay, the characters are maybe not that interesting, but the acting in the movie is really good.

The original score was composed by Fernando Velázquez and I thought that it was really good. The score fit the movie perfectly, helping create the atmosphere that would be needed for each scene. Sure, it’s not the best score I’ve ever heard, but I really did think it was good and it worked very well for the movie.

This movie was directed by Guillermo Del Toro, and when it comes to him I can’t help but be excited for something new. He’s a fantastic director who has an eye for making some really creative and awesome stuff. From “Pan’s Labyrinth” to “Pacific Rim”, the man knows how to make a visually interesting film. And god damn it, he did it again! The sets, the directing, and the cinematography all look fucking fantastic! That is something you can always count on with Del Toro’s movies, the visuals will always be terrific. What I also really liked is that he set up a creepy atmosphere with his direction here. The movie isn’t really scary per se, but it definitely gave me some chills with it’s atmosphere. And I guess we have to talk about the ghosts that pop up every now and then. I think that they are visually interesting and look really cool. I’ve seen some behind the scenes stuff of how they did it and it’s practical makeup/prosthetics enhanced with CGI, which gives it a very great look. And of course, Doug Jones was the one under said makeup/prosthetics, just being creepy and stuff.

This movie has gotten some mixed reception. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a 71% positive rating. On Metacritic it has a score of 66/100. And on it has a score of 6,6/10.

“Crimson Peak” isn’t really one of Del Toro’s best, but it’s also not a bad movie. It has a somewhat interesting plot, really good acting, really good music, fantastic directing and cinematography, fantastic sets, and a really good final act. However it is dragged down a bit by some occasionally mediocre pacing and the characters not being that interesting. Time for my final score. OOOOOO, SPOOOOOKYYYYYY. My final score for “Crimson Peak” is an 8,55/10. So I’d say that it’s worth buying.
Worth buying

My review of “Crimson Peak” is now completed.

For the ladies (and possible men) out there, you do get some Hiddle-butt in this movie.


Short Film Review: Harlequin (2016)


Some if not most of you might be asking right now “What the hell is this, Markus? What’s goin’ on?”. Relax, I’m going to explain. I was one of not many people to receive the honor of getting to see this little short film before it’s released to the rest of the public. So that’s pretty big for me, a small town dude who just happens to be running a blog where movies occasionally get reviewed. Just don’t expect this to become a regular thing… reviews of short films, I mean. Call this a special occasion.

Ladies and gentlemen… “Harlequin”.

Charles (Kenton Hall) is a clown. But he isn’t your normal “nice guy who makes kids happy” clown. He has some mental issues going on. And these issues seem to manifest themelves around the time of a performance he is setting up. And that’s about all I can say. It’s a bit difficult to tackle the plot of a short since it is just that… short. So there’s not much that can truly be said about it. I’ll give it this: It intrigued me a lot. There’s definitely some really interesting stuff going on here. I could definitely see this as a full length feature. But seeing as it is as surreal as it is, on such a short runtime, I can’t really say much about it plotwise. I was intrigued and I was invested in it which is a testament to the talent of the writer/director, but I can’t really talk about it as in depth as most regular movies.

There aren’t many actors in the movie. There are a total of four, but only one should really be focused on: Kenton Hall. This is because he’s the only one that gets enough space to the point that I can look at his performance. And to give credit where credit is due… he’s really good in this. Not Oscar worthy or something like that… but he’s really good in this independent short film about a crazy clown man. He’s really good, and the supporting actors do fine in their very minor roles.

The music in this short film help set a pretty eerie atmosphere in a way that actually kind of symbolizes the mess that is Charles’ mind. Sure, the music is not as thought-provoking and symbolic as in other movies, but I honestly don’t think that it’s the point. The music here is meant to help show that nothing is as it seems while also setting a pretty eerie mood. And that is a plus for this little thing.

“Harlequin” was written and directed by Jakob Lewis Barnes, a man who’s very passionate about film and the art of filmmaking. Me and Jakob have communicated a lot on twitter and I think that he’s a really cool dude. But I’m not gonna let my positive experiences with Jakob cloud my judgment of his directing and writing. And it’s really well directed and well written. The writing presents the interesting stuff with Charles and his mental health, and it kept me intrigued. And the directing was really good as well. I mean, for someone who’s on such a small budget and with no major stuff under his belt he did a pretty great job. You can tell from the shots we get that something is a bit odd here, kind of like with the music choices. And that of course helps the short a lot and makes it really interesting. Again, I am basing this on the small budget that this pretty clearly was on. And while not really related to the directing itself, there’s a fun little clown-related easter egg in this that I thought was kind of fun.

I can’t really judge “Harlequin” like I do most normal, full length features. To tell you the truth, I had to think carefully how I would judge this thing. Then after some thinking I figured it out… I think. The pretty minor plot presented is intriguing, the performance from Kenton Hall is really good, the music choices are good, and the directing is pretty good. I can’t really give it any of my normal ratings since it’s such a different thing for me to review, so all I can really do is say whether I recommend it or not. *Drumroll*. Yeah, I recommend it. If you want to see something kinda weird but still really interesting, I recommend that you watch it. Although you’ll have to wait until it is released for the public in late October or something (Not entirely sure to be honest). If you want to keep up with it, follow the JumpCut Uk Productions twitter account. Keep in mind that I do recommend it.

My review of “Harlequin” is now completed.

Jakob, if you’re reading this… it was an honor to be one who got to see it early! Thank you.

We now have a trailer for “John Wick: Chapter 2”

I know, I know, two trailer posts in such rapid succession, but I’m sorry. New York Comic Con is at large and seems to be putting out some pretty cool stuff for us folks who couldn’t attend. So let’s talk about this.

So we now have a trailer for “John Wick: Chapter 2”, a sequel to the surprisingly awesome 2014 action movie “John Wick”. Once again we have Keanu Reeves in a fancy suit, kicking some ass. We see practical stunts and badass shooty-bang-bang stuff and Laurence Fishburne is petting a pigeon for some reason. Long story short, this looks awesome and I can’t wait to see it. I mean, the first movie was such a surprise. It had great action, a surprisingly engaging story, cool cinematography, and the best performance that I have ever seen from Keanu Reeves. And this movie is done by pretty much the same crew, with a few added cast members. So yeah, this looks great and I highly anticipating it! “John Wick: Chapter 2” is set to be released in February of 2017.

So what are you thoughts on this? Are you looking forward to “John Wick: Chapter 2”? And what do you think of the first movie? Leave any and all answers in the comments.
Have a good one and enjoy the trailer!

We now have a trailer for the “Power Rangers” reboot

They’ve got, a power and a force that you’ve never seen before. They’ve got, the ability to morph and to even out the score. Nooo one, can ever take them down. The power lies on their siiiiiide! GO GO, POWER RANGERS!

Hello there guys, and that’s correct, we now have a trailer for the 2017 movie reboot of “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers”. Only that this time they decided to simply call it “Power Rangers” because of course they have to confuse us. I mean, first thing they did was cast a black guy to play the blur ranger, which itself is no big deal… but they did the same thing in “Power Rangers: Dino Thunder”, so now my brain is just gonna focus on that. Also, what’s wrong with calling the new one “Mighty Morphin'”? I mean, I think it would actually make it sound even cooler but nope… no Morphin’ of Mighty Rangers. Sorry, I’m nitpicking here in a joke-y way… but I am a “Power Rangers” fan, and I pick up on tiny little details like that. So what is this movie all about for anyone who lived under a rock and didn’t know ANYTHING about the “Power Rangers”. Well, five teens with attitudes get recruited by the mighty Zordon (Bryan Cranston) to become “Power Rangers” so an evil witch named Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks) from doing her evil shit. That’s basically it. That is the original premise of the show, and it seems like they are bringing that along for this new movie as well, with some slight changes. Firstly, the way they get their powers reminds me a lot of the movie “Chronicle”. Basically, they find alien stuff, they get super powers. In the original show, Zordon just asked his robot, Alpha 5 (Voiced in this new movie by Bill Hader) to bring in five teenagers to stop Rita. Ah, times were simpler once. Secondly, this isn’t colorful and campy like the original show, this looks like it’s a lot more serious which has both pros and cons to it. Pros, it won’t be as laughably dumb. Cons, it might not be as fun. Okay, it wasn’t as plural as I thought it would be… but still. Do I think this looks great? Not really. I wasn’t hooked by this. If you loved this trailer, great, you go ahead and love it! But me on the other hand… I’m staying a skeptic for a while. “Power Rangers” (the rebootification) is set to be released in March of 2017.

So what are your thoughts? Are you looking forward to “Power Rangers” (the rebootification)? And are a fan of the original show? Leave any and all answers in the comments.
Have a good one and enjoy the trailer.

Series Review: Harper’s Island (2009)


So now we are taking the next step in the Month of Spooks. And by next step I of course mean “yeah, here’s a new post for you or whatever”. And before we get into it, I just wanna mention something. I remember that there was a lot of hype when this show came out/was airing, at least here in Sweden, so that’s kind of why I decided to do it here. Anyhow, backstory over… time to review.

Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you to… “Harper’s Island”.

Harper’s Island, a small island located not too far from Seattle. The island was the location where a series of gruesome murders happened seven years prior to the start of the series. Henry (Christopher Gorham) and Trish (Katie Cassidy), two attractive, young people, in love and about now about to get married on this island, feeling that it’s safe. However, weird stuff starts happening on the island. People start disappearing and even dying. And I’m not gonna say more than that, because I want my reviews to be as spoiler-free as possible. But yeah, now we have a bit of an Agatha Christie style mystery that also takes influence from various horror flicks. The way I’d describe the story is as a combination of “And Then There Were None” and “Friday the 13th”. Which actually is a pretty cool idea for a show. However, the plot doesn’t feel as engaging as that… at least not at first. The first 4-5 episodes are a bit meh, not bad just… meh. Then from episode 6 and forward we get a pretty suspenseful and surprisingly engaging show. I mean, there are still some dumb moments every now and then throughout the good episodes, but they are at least much more interesting in terms of plot. We get some decent twists through those episodes as well which add to the mystery, which I actually enjoyed. And I actually didn’t see a good amount of them coming, which I applaud. Yeah, interesting idea that takes a while to become truly good/engaging.

The characters in the show are pretty much walking clichés. Or at least they are at first. But as the show goes on and more and more shit starts going down, they really begin developing as characters. I really started caring about the people I had no real interest in at the start. And the acting in the show was really good as well. I mean, with people like Christopher Gorham, Katie Cassidy, Elaine Cassidy (no relation to Katie), Harry Hamlin, and Jim Beaver, the acting would of course be really good. Not the best ever, but definitely good.

The music for the show was composed by David Lawrence, and while some bits take cues from typcial horror sounds, the overall score helps build tension in the show and actually sounds really good overall. There are also a decent amount of licensed tracks in the show as well, most of them being modern pop-rock stuff that I never cared much for. The tracks never detracted from the show, but I wasn’t a huge fan of them either. And I swear, during a scene in a bar very early on in the show I swear I could hear a cheap knock-off of AC/DC’s “Back in Black”. I promise, there were several cues in that background music that were so close to “Back in Black” without being “Back in Black”. I don’t know, it’s just weird.

Not gonna lie, this show has a surprising amount of graphic/brutal imagery for a show that ran on CBS. Seriously, you get to see some decently gnarly stuff in this show. Also, when the show finally decides to give us some legitimately tense sequences, it does. There are scenes from episodes 6 and forward (the good episodes) that really gives us some pretty tense moments. I was really feeling the suspense in those scenes and I was really surprised at that because the first few episodes are pretty soapy and mediocre, with the occasional bit of gnarly imagery. Speaking of imagery, one fun thing I noticed was that in an episode we get a good look at a bottle of scotch, labeled “Robert McLachlan”. If you¨pay attention when the credits roll early on in the episodes, you will see that Robert McLachlan is the show’s cinematographer… so that’s a pretty fun easter egg. There are also plenty of scenes that pay homage to classic horror movies, so keep an eye out for those. I’ll also warn you, the dialog in the show is pretty amateurish… so prepare to not be impressed by that.

This show has gotten some mixed reception. On Rotten Tomatoes it has a 65% positive rating. On Metacritic it has a score of 63/100. And on it has a score of 7,5/10.

“Harper’s Island” is by no means a perfect show. But it is definitely very entertaining. IT has a pretty good plot, pretty good characters, really good acting, good music, good directing, and some really tense sequences. However it is dragged down a bit by those mediocre first few episodes and from some mediocre dialog. Time for my final score. BOO! My final score for “Harper’s Island” is an 8,45/10. So while quite a bit from perfect, it’s still worth watching.

My review of “Harper’s Island” is now completed.

A neat little package if you want some chills a cold fall evening.


My Favorite Scenes: The Nightmare Before Christmas – This is Halloween

Hello and welcome to the revival of this long-dead series. Seriously, I haven’t done a post for this little series of mine since mid-July. Feels both great and weird to be back at it. Quick summary for any newer followers: In this series I share scenes from movies and TV shows that I like and tell you kind of why I like the scene. There, you’re caught up to speed, especially since the title is pretty self-explanatory. Now, let’s do it.

So since it’s the Month of Spooks it would be appropriate to share a scene that relates to the spookier side of cinema. Inspiration to make this specific post: I saw a post on facebook relating to this movie, which led to me wanting to watch this scene, which led to me thinking “Shit… I should make a post about this!”. And now we’re here! This is of course the ever so popular “This is Halloween” from Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Now to be fair, I have mentioned at least once or twice on this blog (and on various social medias) that I consider this a christmas movie. If you want to consider it a Halloween movie, go right ahead, you are absolutely right to do so. But I watch every year around christmas, December 21st every year to be exact. So why would I share a scene from this movie then? Does the title “This is Halloween” ring any bells? Yeah, that’s why. This entire scene, which is more or less the opening scene for the movie, just oozes Halloween spirit and perfectly fits this Month… because spooky shit is going on. What also makes it great is the fantastic stop motion animation from Henry Selick and his crew, 23 years later and it still looks terrific. And of course the masterfully composed/written song by Danny Elfman is not to forget. Combining these things makes for one of the greatest opening scenes in movie history (in my opinion). This of course also leads to one of my favorite Disney films ever. And before I wrap this post up, I have to warn you… if you ever somehow watch this movie together with me, get ready for me singing along to pretty much every song (Sidenote: I am not a good singer at all). Yeah… I fucking love this scene.

Have a good one and enjoy!

“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” trailer

Hello there, my friends. It is I, Captain Markus Guy and I’m gonna stop doing that because that was just dumb. Yeah, let’s talk about a new trailer.

So we have a trailer, or at least a teaser for “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”, the fifth installment of the movie franchise that got it’s head more and more up it’s own ass with every installment. Let me put it like this: I love the first movie. The second and first are very bloated but still very enjoyable. The fourth is one of the most forgettable movies I have ever seen… and now you have my thoughts on the series. So what is this new thing then? Well it’s a new movie where Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) has to find a magical thing… again. Same plot, new coat of paint. But I’ll give it this, the trailer doesn’t really give us any Jack Sparrow at all. Sure, he’s name-dropped and talked a little bit about by Brenton Thwaites and the always awesome Javier Bardem (who’s looking very spooky in this). And that’s about it. Not much to say since there’s not too much shown. We get some basic stuff combined with what we kind of know already, like the fact that Orlando Bloom will be making his return in this movie. So yeah… I don’t really have anything to say. I’m not really excited about this movie, though I am somewhat curious to see how it might turn out. “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” is set to be released in late May 2017.

So what are your thoughts on this? Are you excited for this new “Pirates” movie? And what are your thoughts on the franchise in general? Leave any and all thoughts in the comments.
Have a good one and enjoy the trailer.