Short Film Review: Emotional Motor Unit (2016)


Remember in my “Harlequin” review when I said that you shouldn’t get used to me reviewing short films? Well, I think that statement still stands, though I am still willing to create those types of reviews… at least if I’m asked to review it and if the short seems really interesting to me. Well, here we are… reviewing a short film.

Ladies and gentlemen… “Emotional Motor Unit”.

So the story is about a very lonely writer (Graham Cawte) who gets introduced to a robot (Francesca Burgoyne), called the “Emotional Motor Unit” (E.M.U. for short). And then the writer starts learning about what it means to be human by having interations with this human-like machine. And I have to say that this plot was interesting, I was really invested throughout. Sure, it’s only about 22 minutes long, so I couldn’t be as invested in it as if it had been a full length movie. But what they managed to do dramatically speaking with only 22 minutes is pretty fucking impressive.

The characters in this short were really interesting. Graham Cawte is really good in the main role as this lonely and pretty much emotionless person. The character does a have a bit of an arc, and it’s pretty good. Francesca Burgoyne was really good in her role as this machine that helped the writer evolve as a person. The two supporting actors did a pretty good job in this too, but we’re not gonna dwell on them as much since they aren’t the main focus of this.

The score was composed by Imraan Husain and it was really good. Nothing mindblowing, but it was pretty well composed and it worked very well for the short.

This was directed by Adam Nelson and I thought that it was pretty well directed. The shots look really good and you can tell that this director knew what the hell he was doing.

Since this isn’t really out for the public I can’t put any scores from my usual sites here. Soooo… awkward.

“Emotional Motor Unit” is a surprisingly effective and well crafted short about emotions and what it really means to be human. It has a good plot, good characters, really good performances, good music, and really good directing. I’m not gonna give it any of my usual scores/ratings for this since shorts and full length movies are very different, which makes it a bit harder to rate it in a normal sense. But I do highly recommend that you check it out whenever it’s released to the public. I guess it gets the seal of approval without really getting the seal of approval.

My review of “Emotional Motor Unit” is now completed.

Big thanks to Apple Park Films for giving me this opportunity!

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