Great Music #21

Hello there, ladies and gents! And welcome to the first “Great music” of 2017! For those who are new/unaware, this is the series where I just share a song I like. Simple as that. So let’s jump into it!

So for this one we have something a little bit different. Usually I tend to share rock/metal tracks on here. But this time we’ll be holding it back a bit to talk about a ballad. The song in question is “Through the Valley” by Shawn James. Some of you might remember that name, because it is actgually not the first time I’m talking about James on this blog. When I did my “Favorite albums of 2016” list, his album “On the Shoulders of Giants” was on that list. So yeah, I think it’s safe to assume that I’ve really grown to love music. First time I heard this song was in the “Last of Us Part II” trailer which I talked about a little while back. Of course, that was a cover, but still. So then I looked up the song, found Shawn James’ original, and now I listen to his stuff every now and then. This is a soulful, haunting track that just got to me. From the minimalistic and haunting opening to the later bits where his voice just gets all raspy and smoky… yeah, this song is fucking great.

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