3 year blogiversary!


Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, or good night, ladies and gentlemen. I susally never refer to the fact that there ar emultiple time zones in this world, but since this is a special occasion I felt like I would give it a shot.

As you read in the title of this post, today is the 3-year anniversary of this here blog. January 27th 2014 was the day I registered and made my first post, and now it’s January 27th 2017. Jesus fucking Christ, time flies like a coked up bullet. To be quite honest, I never even thought I’d make it this far. When I originally started this blog I thought I’d last a month, MAYBE two, and then give up. But I somehow persisted and made it to a year. Then two, and now three. I think one of the main reaons as to how I was able to last this long is the support of so many of you guys. The likes and comments that you guys leave on my posts have meant a lot to me. I enjoy writing about movies and music and TV and stuff quite a bit, but it’s really the wordpress community that has kept me going for all this time. I’ve made some good friends on here and I’ve had some really great conversations/discussions with said people, both in the comments of various posts and on twitter. Seriously, you guys are all awesome, and I’m happy to be part of this community.

Now, since this is an anniversary of sorts we should do something special. And I really do want there to be something special coming out of this. Giveaway is off the table since I run on an incredibly limited budget and have no company/brand sponsoring me. Though if some badass brand/company/site want to sponsor me, that’d be great (#FuckingSellout). Another option is of course the classic QnA, but I’m not setting on it… yet. Basically I don’t know what to do. So if you guys have any idea what I can do as a special little treat for y’all, feel free to sound off in the comments or on twitter (@TheMarckoguy) and I’ll put stuff into consideration. Really, no option is dumb, name anything and we’ll see what happens!

And that’s really all I can say for this time. Again, I don’t know what kind of special I could do for you guys, which I apologize for. But like I said in the last paragraph, holler if you got ideas! Again, thank you all so much for the support… it does not go unnoticed!
Have a good one!

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