The “Samurai Jack” Season 5 Trailer is Here!

Hello there, guys. I hope you’re all doing well. There’s another trailer out that I want to talk about (rhymes, yo).

So we now have a full trailer for the fifth season of “Samurai Jack”. For anyone unfamiliar, “Samurai Jack” is a cartoon series created by Genndy Tartakovsky (Sidenote: Also created “Dexter’s Laboratory”). It follows a Samurai called Jack (Phil LaMarr) who gets sent forward in time by the evil demon known as Aku (Mako, R.I.P). This was done so Jack couldn’t stop Aku’s evil deeds. And now that Jack’s in the future, he has to find a way to go back to his time and stop Aku. And we follow Jack as he travels across the future world to try to find a way home. I remember watching this show a fair amount as a kid, thinking it was pretty cool. It had some badass action, some neat visuals, and an overall entertaining plot. However, the show was canceled after four seasons, so the show could never wrap up properly. So now we finally get a fifth season, 13 years later. Only this time there are a couple of differences. Number 1: Mako is not voicing Aku in this version. Mako, the legendary Japanese actor, unfortunately passed away in 2006. So now someone else will be voicing Aku, and I wish that person the best of luck. Number 2: The show will not air on Cartoon Network, instead it will air on Adult Swim… which technically is Cartoon Network, but later in the evening when the kids are in bed. This leads me to number 3: Holy fuck, there’s blood in this. The original run of “Samurai Jack” was on during the day on Cartoon Network and could therefore not have blood. They did creatively get around this by having all Jack’s enemies be robots, so they would maybe spill oil and such. #PGLoophole. But looking at this trailer, there is very clearly blood. And that is interesting to see since I grew up on a bloodless version. But yeah, I am kind of excited about this… it looks really badass. “Samurai Jack” season 5 is set to premiere in March of this year on Adult Swim.

What are your thoughts? Are you excited for this new season of “Samurai Jack”? And what do you think about the original seasons? Leave any and all thoughts in the comments!
Have a good one and enjoy the trailer!

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