We finally have a trailer for “Baby Driver”!

How’s it going guys? Hope you’re weekend’s been nice. So we have a new trailer to talk about… let’s go!

So we finally have a trailer for “Baby Driver”, the newest movie from writer/director Edgar Wright! So what’s this all about then? Well, apparently it’s about a young getaway driver called Baby (Ansel Elgort) who gets pulled into some big heist. And the kid apparently uses the rhythm of the music he listens to in a way that makes him a great driver. I know, it sounds a little silly… but that’s also kind of what Edgar Wright is good at. He makes energetic and fun movies that take their respective genres and flip them on their heads. And what do I think of this trailer? It’s so much fun! The action looks really fun, the cast is great, the way that it’s edited to the music is awesome… yeah, this is a great fuckin’ trailer. Also, if this trailer is an indication of anything, it’s that this movie will have an awesome soundtrack! I’ve been excited for this movie for quite a while, because I love Edgar Wright, and now this trailer has gotten me even more excited. “Baby Driver” is set to come out in August of this year.

So what are your thoughts? Are you excited about “Baby Driver”? And what’s your favorite Edgar Wright movie? Leave any and all answers in the comments!
Have a good one and enjoy the trailer!

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