“Inhumans” trailer

Hello there, guys! It’s trailer time once again! So here we go!

So we finally have our first real trailer for “Inhumans”, the next Marvel show that isn’t on Netflix. The interesting thing is that this was originally supposed to be a movie, announced around the same time as “Captain America: Civil War”, and it would be released in November of 2018. However, that got scrapped. But then it was announced that we would be getting a live action adaptation of “Inhumans”, but as a show on ABC rather than a theatrical movie. Anyway, so what’s this all about then? Well, it’s about an isolated community of super powered beings called “Inhumans” (roll credits), whose existence is unknown to humans. And this community is ruled by Black Bolt (Anson Mount) and Medusa (Serinda Swan). However their good life is disrupted when one of the Inhumans, a man named Maximus (Iwan Rheon), suggests overthrowing his brother and taking Earth for the Inhumans. And now we have our conflict. So what do I think of this trailer? How do I put this… It’s not good. “Inhumans” looks bad. The costumes look like shit, several of the actors seem out of place, and the showrunner is Scott Buck. For those not 100% familiar with that name, he is the showrunner of the disappointing “Iron Fist” and he is the guy that took over as showrunner for “Dexter” and made it shit. But is there anything I like about this then? Well, Iwan Rheon is a pretty handsome man… and Lockjaw might be pretty cool. By the way, Lockjaw is the giant teleporting bulldog that they show in the trailer, for those that might not have known. Other than that… yeah I’m not excited. They are really going for this whole “This was shot in IMAX, and you can watch the first two episodes in IMAX before the show’s TV premiere”. However, that doesn’t sell it for me. But I will probably still watch it because I’m a fucking idiot. And because I can review it and get views… that’s right, I’m greedy, but that is the main reason why I’d watch this show. It doesn’t look good. “Inhumans” is set to release it’s first wo episodes in IMAx theaters on September 1st of this year, and have it’s official TV premiere on September 29th on ABC.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you excited for “Inhumans”? And what’s been your favorite Marvel (Cinematic Universe) show so far? Leave any and all thoughts in the comments.
Have a good one and enjoy(?) the trailer.

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