12 Films of Christmas (Part 11)

We are at the penultimate part of this silly series of mine. Have you enjoyed reading these? Because I’ve enjoyed writing them and would like to hear from you what you think. Anyhow, let’s get into the main event here.

Some say it’s not a christmas movie. And to those I say stop arguing against the truth… “Die Hard” is a christmas movie! John McClane (Bruce Willis) is a New York cop who has traveled to Los Angeles to see his wife (Bonnie Bedelia) and kids for christmas. However his visit gets a bit more troublesome when a group of terrorists led by the charismatic Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) attack the christmas party that John has found himself at. So now John has to take out these terrorists with nothing but a gun and his wits. And yeah, I fucking love “Die Hard”. Directed by John McTiernan, this 1988 movie is a masterpiece of action filmmaking. It’s exciting and tense, while still having a sense of fun to it. The movie has an almost claustrophobic feeling with John sneaking around in vents and elevator shafts around the Nakatomi building, trying to find a way to stop these terrorists. It’s also nice to watch a movie where Bruce Willis actually gives a shit about acting. His performance here is great as the beat and somewhat bitter New York cop who gets dragged into such a tense and scary situation, making for some really entertaining scenes. And rest in peace Alan Rickman, you were great as Hans Gruber, sir. One of the best movie villains of all time. Blood, cursing, guns, explosions, fun and interesting characters… “Die Hard” is an action classic and one of the greatest christmas movies ever.

What are your thoughts about “Die Hard”? And what’s your favorite of the sequels? Leave any and all thoughts in the comments.
Yippe-ki-yay, motherfucker… I mean, have a good one!

3 thoughts on “12 Films of Christmas (Part 11)

  1. I for one have enjoyed your Christmas theme.
    As for Die Hard, it is definitely a Christmas film, as the fact it is Christmas is crucial to the plot, and the overall theme. And for an action film, that has rarely been done better. Just enough comedy, witticisms, and good set-pieces to entertain the most humbug person (yes, that’s me) at this time of year.
    I must have seen it at least six times, and never fail to enjoy it.
    Have a great Christmas.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. First off, I’ve much enjoyed your take on Christmas movies. As for DIE HARD — loved the first one, thought the second one was pushing it, and all sequels thereafter have been nothing but cash cows. Also, there’s a story element that I don’t understand about the sequels: As the series goes on, each movie opens with McClane looking like more and more a derided a-hole, being jeered by his peers because…well, why? Because he’s achieved too many successful rescues? You’d think that a guy who has basically survived six lightning strikes would be regarded as a demi-god!

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