12 Films of Christmas 2020 (Part 3)

Season’s greetings, friends and others. It’s time for another little brief post in this silly holiday series of mine. So who’s ready for family gatherings, à la National Lampoon? No one? Well, too bad, it’s happening anyway.

So as you probably figured out, we’re talking about “Christmas Vacation”, the 1989 holiday comedy about Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) and his family inviting their colorful and dysfunctional relatives over for the holidays. It’s a concept old as time, and I thought the execution here was pretty good. It’s a wacky tale of hijinks, shenanigans, and a jolly bunch of assholes trying to make christmas work. And I enjoyed following it. The characters are enjoyable, and the pacing is cracking. And I did laugh quite a few times. That doesn’t mean I laughed all the time, there were a handful of jokes that didn’t really land with me. And there were admittedly no scenes that made me have any loud belly laughs. So sadly I don’t necessarily enjoy it as much as many people seem to do. That’s not saying I disliked it though. Cousin Eddie (played by real life insane person Randy Quaid) tends to get pretty consistent chuckles from me. And some of Clark’s snark can get a smirk. And I do admit that the finale is the best part of the movie, as that’s where the funniest jokes appear. So it is a pretty funny movie… just not as funny as many people have told me.
And as far as being a heartwarming holiday film goes, it ain’t too shabby in that department either. Yes, the family members are all dysfunctional, but you can also tell that they love each other on some level. So when shit hits the fan, you not only get some chuckles, but you do get moments of a family coming together to try to make the best of the situation. So there is some actual heart here among the misery.
So in conclusion, “Christmas Vacation” is a decently funny comedy featuring a very talented cast. I can see why people love it and watch it every year, but for me it’s just… alright.

On the third day of christmas, an old one I did pick
Oh by the way, Chevy Chase is a bit of a dick

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