My Favorite Scenes: Scooby Doo on Zombie Island – Terror Time

Hello my friends! I am here and I am ready to share one of my favorite scenes again. And this time it is from the animated movie “Scooby Doo on Zombie Island”. I remember watching it a lot of times as a kid and loving it. I have always been a big fan of Scooby Doo. I would even dare to say the live action movies are two of my guilty pleasures. But today those are not on the menu, it is one of the best Scooby Doo movies ever made. In the scene we are looking at we see the gang get chased around by zombies while the awesome song “Terror Time” by Skycycle plays in the background. This scene is awesome and it has gotten me pumped to see the movie again some time soon.

My Favorite Scenes: Hell on Wheels – Timshel Fight

Hello people of wordpress. Today I am making another post and like yesterday it is about the AMC television show “Hell on Wheels”. And yes, it is another “My Favorite Scenes” entry. Today we are taking a look at the fight from the beginnning of episode 9 of the first season. It is the continuation of the end of episode 8 where we saw our hero Cullen Bohannan (Anson Mount) and his crew get attacked Native Americans(Indians for you rednecks out there). And like I said we get the continuation and conclusion of what happened in that situation in the start of episode 9 with this awesome scene. Cullen and his crew fight the Native Americans to the amazing tune of “Timshel” by Mumford & Sons. Not only does it surprisingly work for the scene, but it also makes it so much more powerful. I love this scene so much and really wanted to share it with you guys.

My Favorite Scenes: Hell on Wheels – Opening Credits

Hello, my friends! It’s good to see you again! Today it is time for the “series” “My Favorite Scenes” to return (I say return every time, but that is how it feels with how long time it goes between all of them). And today we are taking a look at something that I got into recently. I recently started watching the AMC western/drama series “Hell on Wheels”. And so far I like it. But my opinion on the show isn’t important at the moment since we will be talking about the video in question which is the opening credits for the show. I just like how it is set up. Fire, a gunslinger, credits and one awesome guitar tune! The tune is just badass and really gives off a western-y vibe to it that sorta reminds me of some great westerns (That don’t even really use that type of tune). I just love this song and is one of the reasons I keep coming back to see how it goes for our protagonist Cullen Bohannan (Anson Mount).

My Favorite Scenes: Terminator 2 – Encounter/Chase

Thought I forgot about this segment, did ya? Well you were wrong. Today “My Favorite Scenes” returns… in a big way. The scene today is from one of the greatest action movies ever; “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”. This is the scene where John Connor (Edward Furlong) encounters both the T-800 (Arnold) and the T-1000 (Robert Patrick) and becomes part of one of the best chase scenes in any movie ever. It is intense, it is badass and it is practical effects only. Oh yeah, that happened. I love this scene so much because of the reasons I just stated. So sit back and enjoy this amazing scene from one of my favorite movies!


My Favorite scenes: 25th Hour – Monologue

Hello my friends, it’s me again! Time again to share one of my favorite scenes from a movie. And what is it this time? Well it is the monologue/rant given by Montgomery Brogan (Edward Norton) in the amazing Spike Lee directed movie “25th Hour”. In this scene out “hero” gives a rant about the entirety of New York. Not only is it incredibly well-written but this scene really let Edward Norton give a fantastic performance. This scene is so intense… and there’s not even any action. I love this scene so much and that is why I want to share it with you! Warning: This scene is full of the F-word and controversial statements… and that just makes it so damn good.


My Favorite Scenes: Fight Club – Hit me

It’s been a while, but now it’s back… “My Favorite Scenes”. And today we will be talking about a scene from my favorite movie “Fight Club”. Sure the movie is full of fantastic scenes, but I feel like this one stands out more than most of them. This is the scene where The Narrator (Edward Norton) and Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) have their first fight in the parking lot of a bar. Now this scene is great because this is where the “Fight Club” part of “Fight Club” starts kicking in… and I love the dark comedy that is implemented in the scene… and the entire movie. So, I hope you will enjoy this little scene from this 1999 masterpiece!

Fight Club – Hit me

My Favorite Scenes: Se7en Opening Credits

My dear friends of the internet, welcome back to another installment of “My Favorite Scenes”! Ya know, the “series” where I kind of talk about my favorite scenes. And this time we once again talk about the opening credits to a movie. It also happens to be the second time I talk about the opening credits from a movie directed by David Fincher (First time was “Fight Club”). And this time it is for the movie “Se7en” (Se-Seven-en). If you didn’t already know, Se7en is a 1995 crime-thriller starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman as two detectives trying to find a murderer who kills people in ways kind of based on the seven deadly sins (hence the titleĀ “Seven”, stylized as “Se7en”). I did a review for the movie a few weeks back and I can tel you right now that I love the movie. It is fantastic! But back to the opening credits… which I also happen to love. These opening credits are as dark and disturbing as the rest of the movie and really works setting the tone for the entire thing. So, please enjoy the opening credits for the fantastic crime-thriller “Se7en”.

Se7en opening credits

My Favorite Scenes: Casino Royale – Opening Credits

How are you guys? Finally we are returning to “My Favorite Scenes”! And today we are taking a look at one of the longest running franchises of all time. To be precise, we are looking at one of the more recent entries in the franchise. That franchise being James Bond and the entry being “Casino Royale” (which for the record is a fucking awesome movie). Every Bond movie has a gunbarrel thing in combination with some opening credits featuring a catchy song and some odd but cool visuals. Enjoy!

Casino Royale – Opening Credits

My Favorite Scenes: Code Geass opening 1

Hello my friends! Today I am back with another scene I really like. This time it is the opening credits for the first 13(ish) episodes of the anime series “Code geass” which I did a half-assed review for a while back. The opening credits not only has some great music, but also features some top-notch animation by studio Sunrise (Who also made “Cowboy Bebop” and the “Gundam” franchise). I love this opening. Hell, I love the series!


Code Geass – Opening 1

My Favorite Scenes: Dirty Harry – Do you feel lucky punk?

How are you guys doing? Today we will be taking a look at another one of my favorite scenes. And this time it is the incredibly well known (but often quoted in the wrong way) scene early in the 1971 action movie “Dirty Hary” starring Clint Eastwood. Not only is it a suspenseful scene with some good action (for the time), but it is also really entertaining. It is also from one of my favorite movies.

Dirty Harry – Do you feel lucky punk?