My Favorite Scenes

This is a list of a bunch of scenes/opening credits from movies/tv-shows/animes. It was inspired by my wordpress buddy Go check him out, he got a bunch of cool shit on his blog.


Durarara – Shizuo vs, Izaya
Fight Club Opening Credits
The Expendables 2 – Chuck Norris Scene
The Matrix – Lobby Shootout
Drive – A Real Hero
Dirty Harry – Do you feel lucky punk?
Code Geass – Opening 1
Casino Royale – Opening Credits
Se7en Opening Credits
Fight Club – Hit me
25th Hour – Monologue/Rant
Terminator 2 – Encounter/Chase
Hell on Wheels opening credits
Hell on Wheels – Timshel Fight
Scooby Doo on Zombie Island – Terror Time
Pirates of The Caribbean: At World’s End – Hoist the Colors
X-Men: Days of Future Past – Quicksilver Kitchen Scene
Captain America: The Winter Soldier – Elevator Scene
Angel – Season 5 – Puppet vs. Spike
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind – Can’t Help Falling in Love
Gone Baby Gone – Opening Monologue
The Guest – Bar Fight
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – Who taught you math?
Jurassic Park – T-Rex vs. Raptors
Breaking Bad – What about magnets?
Spider-Man 3 – Birth of Sandman
Fight Club – Ending
Zombieland – Opening Credits
Blade Runner – Tears in Rain Monologue
Kingsman: The Secret Service – Church Fight
Godzilla: Final Wars – Godzilla Vs. Zilla
Cowboy Bebop: The Movie – Opening Scene
The Nightmare Before Christmas – This is Halloween
Batman Begins – I’m Batman
Doom Patrol – People Like Us

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Scenes

  1. Great scenes on here. I love Drive – A Real Hero, such a fantastic song by Electric Youth. And of course, The Nightmare Before Christmas – This is Halloween, Tim Burton is unbeatable.

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